Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poetry and Riding Collide

After sending an email out yesterday to invite a few friends along for a potential ride this Sunday, I received a few of the expected declines, and a lot of electronic dead air. But the light shone today when I received an eloquent response from fellow family man, Marco, in the form of a poem. 

Yo you must be illin,
i'd rather be chillin
if i come for this ride,
i'll need some  penicillin
i know you hardcore,
you always want more 
if i really want to see you
i'll come by the store.
To make things worse,
my trainin is off course,
i have a higher probability
to be riding a horse.
My winter bike is all rusted
my sprockets are busted
if you are looking for a lead-out
i cannot be trusted.

While it seems we'll receive too much snow to make my intended ride practicable, I'm happy to have inspired a burst of creativity from a fellow rider. Marco's poem evinces the joyful spirit cycling instills in those of us fortunate enough to experience the multifaceted splendor that manifests through both effort and ease on the bike.