Sunday, March 11, 2012


Iain and I headed out for a Wakefield ride this morning, a simple 80k via the 105 and River Rd. The roads were in fine shape. Wrapping up our Pipolinka stop, we decided to do more. Head North, rode some dirt. Started well, wound up slogging my Steelwool Limited, fixed, up some killer climbs. Keeping from walking was all I could do at times, heavily overgeared. Both low on water and food, we dragged our limp bodies back to Pipolinka after 85k of grinding, refueled - La Foret provided my ginseng boosted smoothie - and trudged on. It was easy to tell I'd done my most brutalizing first proper road ride of the season ever as I limped through my garage and into the tub, utterly shattered, and hurting everywhere. What kept me from needing a rescue? Snow biking. I'm certain. All that grinding payed off!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conditions report for the race tonight.

From Larry:

"I was surprised to find such amazing conditions for snow bikes at Kanata Lakes this morning. One good inch of snow on top of hard ice base. Beautiful making first tracks and so much fun on icy spots where you least expect it! Did two loops around outback from K2. Conditions will probably be superb by sundown as the snow layer should bond to the icy base."

If you were waffling about riding in the race, stop. Ride.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fat Tire Racin'

Well folks, this Saturday night is yer last chance to turn on the gas and dust yer pals in a blinding snowstorm of fury.....Low Pressure Productions will be hosting the finale to the bi-weekly Wednesday night races. Check out the LPP blog for info and stay tuned here and there for more details as they role in.

The low down - basically it's gonna be a night race at KL. There will be fire, there will be single track, there will be a figure 8, there will be food/drinks and general bush time nonsense. How could you possibly go wrong?

Registration is at 7:30 and the gun goes off at 8:00. Bring warm clothes for apres racing.

That's all for now.