Sunday, March 11, 2012


Iain and I headed out for a Wakefield ride this morning, a simple 80k via the 105 and River Rd. The roads were in fine shape. Wrapping up our Pipolinka stop, we decided to do more. Head North, rode some dirt. Started well, wound up slogging my Steelwool Limited, fixed, up some killer climbs. Keeping from walking was all I could do at times, heavily overgeared. Both low on water and food, we dragged our limp bodies back to Pipolinka after 85k of grinding, refueled - La Foret provided my ginseng boosted smoothie - and trudged on. It was easy to tell I'd done my most brutalizing first proper road ride of the season ever as I limped through my garage and into the tub, utterly shattered, and hurting everywhere. What kept me from needing a rescue? Snow biking. I'm certain. All that grinding payed off!


Pascii said...

Nice! We rode up to pipo and back and that was plenty. My butt hurts as it has not been in contact with a saddle since December.

Yay road riding!


Matt Surch said...

Sweet, except for the gnarled buttocks. We hoped we'd catch you, but we took too long. I think the Pipolinka folks were happy to see us out; we signal spring. It was such a treat riding the dirt roads today, even if some were really soft. Shouldice is in awesome shape, and I think Parent would be too. Hope you all have a swell next couple of weeks!