Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Roller Race Finale!

The final roller race night of the season goes down on Saturday night, and promises to be fun for riders of all abilities, the emphasis being on FUN-Raising. If you've never tried roller racing, come on out and give it a go. Its ok to suck; I freely admit I am pathetic at roller racing, but am happy to put my ego aside in the name of FUN-Raising. How 'bout you?
■ Saturday March 3, 2012
■ Doors open at 7pm, racing starts at 8pm

■ Royal Canadian Legion, 330 Kent St., Ottawa

■ you know….. the roller racing event of the YEAR! 500m fixed. 1000m free and the always loved BEER relay!!!!

Proceeds from the event go towards the Selection Quebec Ouest womens team for the Gatineau Grand Prix, 2012

Winter Cycling Survey

Do you commute by bicycle, tricycle or unicycle in the winter? If not, perhaps you'd like to? The City of Ottawa is conducting a survey to better understand the needs and desires of cyclists in the Capital during the winter. Some of us are fortunate to ride on streets that are generally well maintained and quiet. Others are faced with the option of riding routes that are dangerous in the summer, let alone the winter, like Carling Avenue. If you have a vision for winter cycling in the Capital, or merely have gripes you'd like to express, fill out the survey.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Got the Itch to Build a Bike?

Interested in geting into framebuilding? The jiggernaut could get you going without breaking the bank. I'm no jig-master, but this looks like a great approach for those who will build a frames at the DIY level. Maybe it'll prove even more robust and precise than one might expect.... If you are keen, pledge support and help bring these to market, and your workshop.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Low Pressure Wednesday #2

Last night's race was well attended and fast. The trails in the park were hardpacked and icy, fast but hairy. Off to a mellower start than the first race, Neil upped the pace once he got in front and it was on. Grant's new stunts were stellar, just great fun to ride, and the pool drop was in terrific condition. I managed to slide out and tweak my floppy knee, but aside from that, all went smoothly. Rob dominated Gut Buster, the main climb, and ended up walking away with the win by a good 10 seconds. I think all had a swell time.

I've uploaded the GPS trace to Strava and created segments that comprise the whole course. If you were out there and recorded your ride, get onto Strava and upload it to join the leader board. It'll be fun to see how everyone stacks up on all the different sections.

This first foray into Strava's features gets me started toward incorporating the site's features into our Tall Tree Cycles events: The Ride of the Damned, The Hell Climb, and Double Cross. We're quite excited about the possibilities for enhancing these events with Strava, and will be trying a bunch of ideas out come May 13th, when The Ride of the Damned rolls.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Low Pressure Wednesday #2!

From the LPP blog:


The race will be happening at Hampton park again. I have some unfinished business with that course, and just to make it less boring for you folks, I am tweaking the route and adding two new obstacles.

Be there by 7:30 to get your nameplates (or bring your own if you remember your name and have a plate), pre-ride is at 7:45 and race starts at 8. Drinks afterward chez moi.

Spread the word!