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The Ride of the Damned will start and finish at Bate Island. Smack in the middle of the Ottawa River, Bate Island has parking, a bathroom, and an enclosure that will cover us in the event of rain. It should be a great place to begin and end the ride! 

Total distance for the long route is 155k. The roads vary from smooth pavement to gravel. Total elevation gain will be about 1500 meters. The route incorporates much of the best scenery and features the area has to offer. Teams are encouraged to stop in Wakefield for water and food.

The short route is 102km (17k plus 85k), and passes through two covered bridges and Wakefield! Most of the route is paved. The section from Highway 366 (Montagne, Maxwell, River Rd) that loops back to the covered bridge is paved, then dirt road. It is generally not rough. The Cross Loop section from River Road to the 105 is paved, then dirt, and generally not rough in the summer. 

Ride to the Official Start of the Route

Short Route (from St. Amour)

Short Route (full, from and back to Bate Island)

Short Route Cue Sheets (from St. Amour)

Long Route (from St. Amour)

Long Route (full, from and back to Bate Island)

Long Route Cue Sheets (from St. Amour)

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