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The Ride of the Damned is not a race. 

The ideal number of riders for the Ride of the Damned is 5. Teams may contain as few as 4, and as many as 6 riders. Team Captains, please fill in your roster here:

The Ride of the Damned is a Raudax/randosportif, which means riders are responsible for their own navigation, mechanical, and biological well-being. Finishing team times are recorded, but as this is a non-competitive event, prizes are not awarded for finishing order.

We've learned that the team format is best for an event that pulls in a broad range of abilities. The team format aims to bring riders of similar ability together to form a unit that will move efficiently and be self sufficient. Mechanicals will be addressed as a team, as will any other problems. This is a safety net. The group will start together, but teams will pull away as their ability allows. Flats will occur, and leapfrogging will ensue. Teams can make pacts to stay together no matter what, but these agreements need to be explicit in order to work. Otherwise, teams get broken up, and problems follow. 

Sticking with the team format is important. For those who cannot find enough riders to team up with, I'll endeavor to match you up with others of similar ability and perspective. This is easy for people I know, less so for people I don't. Email me at before the registration deadline. 

No dropping riders. A teams time is only official if the full team completes the route, and the last rider's time is the team's time. 

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