Friday, October 31, 2008

The Hardfolk Classic - November 23

As promised, below is the briefing Rodd wrote for the First annual Hardfolk Classic, coming up on the 23rd. Check it out and we'll answer any questions posed.

Hallo all hardfolk
So I have no way o' predicting the weather, but assuming the roads are still somewhat clear and somewhat dry, I'd like to propose one last hurrah before it becomes impossible/passable

Some of you have had to listen to me spout off about the riding north of Wakefield.  Some of you have had the pleasure of joining me, others have had the pleasure of exploring the area yerselves. 

Here's some links to the kind of terrain you can expect:

Now granted, these were taken on sunny warm days, but the fun is still there. 

I have two route ideas and I'd like some feedback

option 1

Starts at the Island Park Bridge and heads northeast towards Mt. Cascade, up into the subdivison at the top then on to wakefield via a neato gravel gap I found.  Lunch at Wakefield (60 km or so in) then onto a loop towards Farrelton, (the green bridge for those of you who know) over the green bridge, and then up onto the escarpment via chemin Woods, Pritchard then Erable, back home through Wakefield (for more hot coffee perhaps and a snack,) then a flat 40 km home. 

Option 2 (and this is the one I'd really like to do with ya'all)

This route is almost identical (including the lovely lunch in wakefield), except instead of crosing at the green metal bridge at Farrelton, we continue up to the Paugan Dam at Low,

then over and down beside Lac Bernard via Kalala rd then onto Erables and back home through Wakefield. 
(this routes adds perhaps another hour to hour and a half to the previous route)

The nice thing about these routes is they have many bailouts, either the first 60 km at wakefield, you can just go home from there, or once you've done the one side of the river, you could just blast down the 105 (12 to 15 km) and be in Wakefield again and then home...
So no worries if the day isn't working out for you... No need to do the whole thing if it doesn't pan out. 

I would like this ride to be inclusive, but challenging. No drops.
Drafting and pacelining isn't much of a factor on the gravel (and there is some gravel, prolly 40% or so) but may be fun on the roads.
We usually average, on a nice sunny day, somewhere between 23 and 25 km an hour tops. 
That is just a guideline.  
This is not meant to be a puke you guts out hammer fest. It's meant to be a long ride, but a fun one, there are many steep climbs, but also many amazing descents. The scenery, as you will see, is jaw dropping. 

Lower gears recommended, simply because on some of the steep stuff ya gotta stay seated.  I use a 36x25 and do not have a problem. If anyone is gear challenged let me know, I have many options to help make you road steed more steep hill friendly.  Tires are an important consideration.  I have done all of these rides on plump smooth 30c tires, 28s are also fine, I wouldn't recommend any smaller.  Again, I have an extra set of the smooth 30s and some 28s ya'all can borrow. 

Obviously the more the merrier, stock up on grub, (clif shot bloks rok!) 
two tubes, and a patch kit to stave off the flat monster. 
Bring some dosh for lunch and snacks.. 


fritZman said...

Hey Rodd,

Great idea. I'm in.

I have a chalet up at Mont Ste Marie and love riding the gravel roads around there. Acutally, the Big Ring crew and I ran into you at the Low dam this past spring.

I've never actually ridden up north from Ottawa so I'm interested in joining your ride to learn which gravel roads to take.

Be sure to post meeting place and time as the date gets closer.



Rodd Heino said...

to anon (please post your name...) You don't ride a Scott cross bike do you?
Yes we were up there yesterday
see here:

We were discussing riding up there in the winter.
Narrowness makes me just a tad nervous but if you say it's good, the we'll prolly give it a go.

Look forward to riding!

Anonymous said...

yah mon.
Back to the winter riding - it's sweet!
The plow makes those roads a touch wider. Lots and lots of room.

I nearly got ran over by a plow last year though around the Dec 16th snow storm.
Hit up the Blacksheep in for a night of entertainment with the gf then hit the roads in the morning. Damn plow nearly ran me off the road.
That's about the only real "near death" experience I had up there aside from the damn dog up around wood smoke. Just grab a stick and wip it and the damn thing.
Opps, forgot about the horses. Watch the damn horses. I ran into them on Saturday, but luckily they saw me and got off their ride to calm down the horses. Last year one of them got pretty excited. Guess it hadn't seen a bike before.

Just a friggen blast those roads are in the winter.
There was a time last winter I had to take a week off work I was so addicted!

see yahs out there!