Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update: Hell of the North

A few weeks ago while on the Rapha Continental site I came across mention of a potential Gentleman's Race from in the Toronto area in April. A couple emails later, I had confirmation that the event, dubbed the Hell of the North (a la Paris-Roubaix), will run April 12th. I had assumed that the event would follow Rapha's 6-person team format, but it appears it will be a free for all instead. The route is to be 80k, which is just about the same as the OBC's Roubaix later in the month. This event should be a great opportunity to get some solid ride time in unfamiliar territory. Click the link on the side bar for more info.

1 comment:

glacialridn said...

You boyz and girlz better be out riding this weekend!
Should be a sweet call after the rain! Very very sweet.

I'm hauling my butt out to Wakefield along the old 105 to 366 to 307 most likely.

Friggen eggcellent you folks were up around were you were during the Feb thaw.
Not many people would do that I take it... Friggen cool!