Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring: Group Icebreaker Ride

Sunday bore weather too tempting for most of our
regular group to resist.

A high predicted around plus 5 was all it took for those who've not had the bikes out yet to dust them off, throw on some fender extensions if need be (or not), or perhaps tweak the ol' city beater. Whatever the flavour, everyone was happy to be out for what was promised to be a mellow ride to Wakefield.

No surprises to be had with the route this day, just the typical roll out Mine Road to
Scott, 105, River Road to town. Attrition set in early when one of us - who will remain unnamed - suffered a flat, followed by a rim blowout upon re-inflation. At only about 25k into the ride, his day was done. Bummer. We said our good-byes after he arranged a rescue, and continued on.

Another rider - who will also remain unnamed - turned back after about 30k due to a case of 'not feelin so hot at this pace.' Efforts to keep the pace mellow enough to keep us all together failed, and he was caught in the wind too long. Those of us in the front are to blame there. In the early season fitness levels tend to be all over the map, so more care must be taken to keep the group together.

The roll on to Wakefield went on smoothly, and we managed to keep a good formation the rest of the way. After some typically great snacking at Pipolinka, Rodd, Jamie and I said adieu to the rest of the group - who were happy to limit their ride to the 80k return trip - and head off for a bit of dirt.

The 'Woodsmoke Climb was our destination as we crossed the covered bridge - idyllic as always - and headed northeast (once Jamie sends the GPS trace I'll post the map), and onto a section of dirt road we've not hit before. We realized too late that we missed the Woodsmoke climb off the main road, but were nevertheless rewarded with a beautiful ride along the base of a length of cliffs. Smiles all around.

The dirt was surprisingly firm; no complaints whatsoever. Before long we linked up to a section we were familiar with, and eventually curved back toward the river, along it, and back over the bridge.

The loop ended up being 25k, which was just right for the day. We'll be back over there for certain, and it might end up being part of the mid-summer Big Ride we'll put together. We'll see if it makes the cut.

Rodd and Jamie managed to create this composite map. Click the dots for photos, temporo-spatially indexed!


croskery said...

I love the map!

Rodd Heino said...

all my sets have 'em
sheesh get with the techno oldie!

Andrew said...

Just wondering if anyone is free to join you for these rides (provided they can keep pace and ride safely, of course).

I won't be joining OBC this year (for various reasons) but I still want to find some good group riding.


Rodd Heino said...

Hi Andrew
We are very friendly and welcoming
Do join us any time you like
We will inevitably be doing a similar ride this Sunday.
my email is rodd.heino at gmail.

feel free to get in touch.
This of course goes for anyone else reading this

glacialridn said...

Very cool that you guys are out!!!
I was out last weekend - got up to chelsea. Got good and dirty!

Plans are to head into wakefield this weekend. Maybe hit up the 307 on the way back...

'Woodsmoke Climb - haven't done that climb in a year. Love that climb. It's a tough mofo of a climb.
Scenary up top is just amazing. Neat little lakes...

I'm kind of wondering how much trail is up around that area in the summer... there seems to be a lot of snow shoers at the far end.

Hopefully you guys/gals are getting out to the dam soon.

Plans for me - near April - to do the big loop. From Ottawa to the dam then back up on the other side of the 105.

Hopen' all this snow will be gone soon. As long as it doesn't snow... all should be good to go up in the gats soon!!!

Can't wait for summer.
Not much racing for me this year.
Just fully enjoying long rides...

Rodd Heino said...

ps the pics for this are here: