Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rider's Meeting

A rider's meeting has been set for Tuesday, June 2 at the Earl of Sussex, after the NRC crit, 8:30.

One representative from each group is invited to attend. More than this will be unmanageable. 

The purpose of the meeting is to determine what we will propose to the NCC. 

As each group will be represented at this meeting by a 'captain,' it will be up to these captains to communicate the goings on of the meeting to their members. We can circulate the minutes to captains of groups who did not manage to attend for feedback, but I will obviously need to receive communications from these parties in order to do so.

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Anonymous said...

okay boyz and girlz, I've been out in the park the last couple of weeks and I don't see many NCC patrol people.
But, I see lots and lots of them roaming with their big old trucks on the bike paths! Giving tickets to who ever they feel needs one.
I think Vegabond mentioned that she nearly got ran over by one of them.

Then I was chatting with a cop this past weekend and he got approached by some person near Lac Lemay near the Casino. One person had their dog too close to the picnic table and the NCC patrol person said that they had to remove it from the picnic table. Its where the whole family was.
So, he did. The dog ended up getting in a scrap with another dog. Good grief!
This particular police officer said he once had an encounter with the NCC wanting to remove a street person from under the bridge one time. The person was just hidden away not causing any grief... next day they found the guy high on crack downtown causing grief!!!
Reminds me of the time I was near Meech and their were kids having a good time jumping off the rock. They gave the kids a ticket. Then they came across an older couple making love and drinking wine. The NCC person drove them off in the motor boat to a more secluded location without a ticket!

So, I was watching tonight and the fella who wrote "shake down". A book on how our freedoms are in jeopardy. I can see it coming for miles!!! Kind of a red flag for Canada. For we are next to be taken over for our oil... I'm not sure how this ever comes about, but I can sense it happening to us.
Then he mentioned - that certain institutions want to create grief in order to raise the statistics and quotas. That way they get more funding for next year (as most places live year by year on a budget). The more hell they raise the better off they are.
So, then I come to think - does the NCC do this?
Perhaps. They have been in the spot light over the past month.
So, to justify themselves, why not issue more tickets... more tickets means more justification for the NCC patrollers existence!