Thursday, June 11, 2009


I read about Rapha's Gentleman's Race format last year. It was immediately appealing. This video captures the action rather well.

This is the sort of event I'd love to participate in. I don't think I'd be the only one. The most appealing aspect for me is the teamwork. We are slowly learning how to work efficiently together after years of solo within a group pounding on our mtbs. Working well as a unit is very rewarding. Hilly, loose terrain make teamwork even more challenging. In order to draft, one has to forego the ability to see everything. So tire choice is even more important than usual.

This isn't Portland; we'll have to organize a Gentlefolk Race ourselves. Since most of our quiet, hilly roads are dirt, it'll have to be a mixed terrain affair. A few volunteers will likely be necessary. I think it would work best if we organized in concert with a couple other clubs, perhaps the Wheelers and Rendalls. If any of you are reading this, get in touch and we'll start with coming up with a date. I'm thinking a 200k route would be just right, maybe a little less. Teams of five might be ideal. A GPS onboard for each team would suffice to track the route. Navigation would be up to each team, following a prescribed, but unmarked route. Time to start scheming.

Update: Steve sent pics from our snow storm ride a couple weekends ago. I've updated the post with some pics, more here

yes that is snow building up on our arms

This weekend will bring an opportunity to put in a hard, long mtb ride before the 24hr race at Albion Hills next weekend. We'll have between 15 and 20 riders amassed in a tent city, racing in 5 person teams. There will be veterans, and a number of rookies present, all sharing a common goal: ride just shy of exploding, again and again. We're hoping for nice weather, but preparing for the worst. If it gets nasty we'll have to bust out our gnar skills. Either way, we'll have a great time. That's the plan anyway!


Rodd Heino said...

yes please!
check out this neat navigation map idea!

just gotta ride it before hand

Matt Surch said...

Excellent link Rodd. No reason to reinvent the wheel eh! Our next ride up there will be the beginning of the route planning.

the original big ring said...

I loved the video. I'm in . . . if any team would have me. If not, I'd be happy to volunteer. Very cool idea.

Anonymous said...

In the US, there are a lot of underground races...

Tour de burg is a well known one amongst those that do the hundies down south.
You will see the likes of Harlan Price there, Jeremiah Bishop etc...

there is another in Penn state that is suppose to be pretty good.
I forget the URL to it...

here are some good technical races (50 milers)

Pisgah is suppose to be hosting a stage race in October

There is a stage race in CO that grew from the underground up.
Brek Epic.

We could have them here - cyclo-cross stage race.
From around Browns.
Summer time sometime...

(Friday) - mid day start (1pm)
Day 1 - starts from river road by hyw 366 up the hill then to the back roads to Woodsmoke to Montange through to Kelly road to the dam. Cross over the dam to the collection of roads parrel to the 105 coming out near the hwy at Wakefield (ontop the hill). Self servicing - store near dam in Low prior to crossing the highway... bring money.

Day 2 - late day start (4pm) to avoid people traffic. From Browns to Phillipe via 53 then taking one of the trails through to the highway near Lusk. Climb Lusk to the fire tower. Firetower to 1 to 24 to 40 to 36 to 52 back to Browns. May need night lights...
Could have a drop at Obrien.

(sun) late day start (300pm)
Day 3 - up the 52 to 50 to powerline to ruines. Up 36 to 40 up to 2 up to 1 to 3 to road to 32 to CF up 4 to 1 to Penquin to road up 15 up 1 to 24 to 40 to 36 to 50 to meech valley to carmin trails to 27 to browns.

Anonymous said...

Any of you girlz/boyz interested in getting away for the winter for 2 weeks?

1) live for cheap
2) bike every damn day till it hurts
3) stink like a bastard
4) eat fine
5) bike every damn day.


following islands:

1) St Lucia - 3 days
2) Dominica - 4 days
3) Tortola - 2 days
4) Grenada - 2 days
5) Peuto Rico - 4 days (catch flight to/from here)

These islands have huge huge climbs. Steep climbs. Amazing friggen views. Cheap beer (a buck a beer and most can be purchased at the top of a big climb - they do that for tourists. For cyclists to take advantage of, until they fall off thier bike!).

Jan? or Mar?
(I'm in BC next Feb)

Kris Westwood said...

What a great idea, Matt! I'll do it if I'm not working that weekend.