Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Matt's ride report from D2R2

Hey all,
As followers of this blog may know Matt left to do the D2R2 (link over there >>) this Sunday
Been surfing the interwebs and found some neat reports, from a few different riders so far.
Thought y'all might like to read about it a bit to give you some perspective.
The one that got me is that folks were amazed about how someone could have climbed a particular hill in a 34x27. The hill is on gravel and apparently measures out at *ahem* 29%
Hai Karate!
so yeah
just under 4000 m of climbing, 70% of the 180km on dirt.
Seems like the fastest guys rode it in 7:40 ride time, 8:30 elapsed.

Next year.


Matt Surch said...

I'll post my report tonight. For now I'll just say it was amazing.

Andy said...

Eagerly awaiting it Matt...