Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Ditch Effort to Save the Beaver Pond, South March Highlands

Katy Chancey, massage therapist extraordinaire at RE:FORM, has submitted the message below in hope of reaching as many folks as possible to oppose the clear-cutting of the Beaver Pond in Kanata Lakes.


I'm not sure how many people ride at Kanata Lakes on a regular basis, or how many were planning to this upcoming weekend, but if you were going to go somewhere else, it might be time to reconsider those plans. This might be the last weekend to ride Kanata Lakes as you presently know it.

On Monday morning (July 19), developers Urbandale/Kanata Northlands (KNL) plan to fence in the Beaver Pond area of the South March Highlands (aka Kanata Lakes) and clear cut it to make room for a housing development. As I understand it, they don't technically have approval from the city yet - they have not completed their Site Plan, however, that does not seem to be stopping them.

So, what to do? Piss and moan, for sure. But do your whining in a useful way! Sign the petition here opposing (or at least delaying!) the clear-cutting. Then call or e-mail your City Councilor and tell them you oppose the development proceeding without proper approval. You can find out who your Councilor is here. If you write an e-mail, consider sending it to all the addresses here - the more politicians get letters, the better. Lastly, encourage all of your mtb (and non-mtb!) friends to sign the petition and write letters, too.

If nothing else, please consider signing the petition before Wednesday afternoon, when there is a City Council meeting where it will be presented. Signatures on the petition after the City Council meeting are still valuable, however, so if you are reading this and this you may be too late, please sign anyway!

Thanks for reading.


Mitch Brisebois said...

Great post Matt! Thanks for your support (and the mountain biking community)

you can still sign the petition here:

It will now be presented Thursday at 7pm directly to Urbandale at a meeting arranged by Marianne Wilkinson.


Lily said...

Hey, for anyone that hasn't, join the facebook group! And read the latest on what's happening-- city council has passed a motion to delay the clear cutting today.!/group.php?gid=46087029890&ref=search