Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The most fun ever!! Snow Bikes

Recovering at the top of Death March

I'm not quite sure how to describe these things but as the Tim Hortons commercial says they are"AWSOMER"

Kent and Brad Keep the rubber down

After a few quick rides around the block and a rip out on a hard packed Kanata earlier in the week our faces were permanently affixed with giant grins. The real test was going to be getting into deeper snow and Sunday we finally got a chance.

Thom Rippin the trails

We headed out into a rather chilly -15, a long climb up Death March would warm us up very quickly.

Surly Pugsleys and Salsa Mucklucks lined up

Initially we were having a bit of traction trouble on the climb but we dropped out tires to about 5psi, yes I said 5psi these tires are big!, this helped a lot and we got in the groove of things. We rode for 3hrs and were off the bikes very little, even on completely unskied trails.

3.7" of Phat fun (Skiers, they don't wreck the trails )

We were tired and a little cold by the end of the day but oh man I'm not sure I'll ever ride a trainer again. I can't believe I didn't have one of these things before now. I think there are going to be a lot more people on the phat bikes before long.


Brad's Frosty Beard


Brad Kukurudz said...

trade in yer misery sticks...for something so cool it hurts.

Matt Surch said...


Did I guess right, would my 2.3s have been futile out there?

Anonymous said...

Very sweet!
who's carrying the big phat margs?

I want one!

what I would give to keep biking all winter long. I think with those big fatties, I could...


Anonymous said...

Don't you lads forget cx in wakefield this time of year. Its a hoot also.

Especially coming down woodsmoke.

Oh, how I miss it. Haven't been up there cxing in the winter for about 2 years.

its just pure fun. Fast fast roads. Some hair raising good times. And, one could get in close to 100km if they really wanted it (starting from wakefield heading to Low then cross over the 105 and coming back on the dirt roads on the other side the popping out by road over by Vorlage).

sweeet sweet times over there in the winter.

then hit up the little grocery after for some chili.

Steelwool Will said...

Yea Matt the 2.3's would not have been sufficient.

Bigger Dummy said...

That's awesome. I can't wait to get mine together. Just waiting on the wheels

Matt Surch said...

...big bikes are blowing up aren't they! I hope to join the ranks of fatty-fat-bastards next winter. Until then, all I can hope for is nice firm snow for my skinny tires. Let us know how conditions are in Kanata tonight guys.

rob.parniak said...

These photos -- and expecially the video -- remind me of those pics of Bigfoot sightings or something. Freaky looking for sure! And not just Brad's beard -- though it's rather Bigfoot-like. Can't wait to get two more fat bikes on the trail this weekend!

Anonymous said...

someone post where we can buy these fat bastards!

I want one!

friggen looks like fun for sure.

wickedly fun! takes the spike out of winter and the joy under thy pants!

eggcellent! love it!

someone has to organize a fat tire race soon enough...

Steelwool Will said...

You can buy them at Tall Tree.

Anonymous said...

Eggcellent, I'll stop by to have a peek this weekend!