Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tales from the road

Hello folks in TT blogger land...alas I have been remiss all winter in posting to the blog. Matt has been doing triple duty keeping the blog fires burning while his home life is expanding. I had started doing a Winterlude Tri race report ...but that never got completed with too much work and life stuff getting in the way. Point form deets: Very fun The sunrise (which I almost never see...unless I am just going to bed) was spectacular...I can understand why triathletes appreciate those early mornings...but a few times a year is enough for me ! Skate was not as hard as I thought - borrowed long clip-on blades, managed to stay with the lead pack and avoided a couple of falls in front of me. Entered the ski in about 15th...left the transition in about 5th but took a while trying to get my pole straps on while skiing and lost some places. Finished the ski about 10th - some real hard short uphill grunts - especially the second loop with all the others on the course. Had to climb past some essentially classic-ing on my skate skis. The run was short which was good for me as I was spent....lost some time and paces in the second transition. Ended up in 15th overall (I think 6th masters) just behind some Ottawa elite types such as Fortin, Woodford and Dev Paul. Fun event - I loved year - get your running legs on ! So I've been in South Carolina for a week now...the weather has been less than desirable for the first week - but made the most of it with some good mtb rides and only 2 road rides totaling less than 200 km. First week is just to loosen up the legs and get them used to the bike again as I do not spin in the winter and commuting on the winter beater just does not really do anything for cycling fitness. (I did one Computrainer race and my avg watts was down about 25 to 209.....sucky)! First day here was a great 4 hr easy pace fun mountain bike on the Foothils trail near Georgia. Next day was an ungodly early (10 am) road ride up to Whitewater falls in was cold and misty up there even tho the weather was supposed to be clearer and warmer. Was riding with a old dude who shredded me up the hills....I was cursing his need for early morning starts....unless one is doing an 8 hr ride there is zero need to start before noon...and it warms up significantly after kind of timing !! Third day was a sleep in and a solo mountain bike at Issaqueena about 20 minutes from Ben's house. Awesome trails, was a bit wet but drains really Albion with a bit more twists, turns and real rocks to speak of. Thursday was a huge sleep in (til 2), went for a road ride about 5 pm - was only planning a 1.5 hr spin but it became sunny and beautiful with the Georgia mountains to the west and the NC mtns to the north I stayed out exploring some delightful paved road and even some fun zippy scenic gravel road....awesome ! Friday was nice but did not get out til late - a long drive with Ben and Scott to Dupont state park. A short (2+hr) but fun ride complete with VERY COLD slippery river crossing.....Mike got wetter than planned on the second cross back... : - ( Today a new crowd arrives including Tanya and a bunch of her friends....(Alex should also be at Table Rock with the Wheelers). Great bunch of people and did a 3+ hr ride at Issaqueena. I am now feeling the winter rust come off my legs - and while I am still not in the shape I was last year at this time, and still waaaay too heavy....I'm looking forward to some FANTASTIC road rides this week including Caesar's Head, Blue Ridge Parkway and the tri-state loop. Will probably only mtn bike 1 or 2 more times....depends. Weather this week is supposed to be mostly warm and sunny (in the 20's) so just perfect for high mtn rides up at 5600 ft where it is much cooler. Oh ya - and a friend (competitor?) of Rob's is staying here too....Yan.....He was asking about you. That's it from South Carolina today.....looks like you guys are enjoying good weather rides up in O-town. Maybe be out for the CR classic if I get back in time...if not - see you at Almonte !

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