Wednesday, August 31, 2011

D2R2 2011: Hot Bikes

D2R2 is like a rolling handmade bike show. I've never been to any cycling event populated by so many folks on incredible handbuilt bikes. Independent Fabrications are run of the mill at D2R2, while we rarely see them up in Ontario and Quebec. There are many randonnee bikes out on the routes, lots of cyclocross bikes, and some allroad bikes too. Not to mention the mountain bikes!
A colourful Geekhouse CX bike at the lunch stop.

Sylvan Cycles' laminate wood bike, constructed from local, sustainably harvested wood.  Back in 2009,   I met John field testing a prototype, and this year I saw three out there, garnering lots of attention.
One of two incredible Ellis creations. These struck me as allroad bikes, not converted cross bikes. Di2 equipped, with TRP v-brakes.
Ellis #2. Looks fun!
Lots of mtbs out there on the 180k route. This Moots YBB had a couple CO2 cartidges mounted in a novel manner.
Pascal pulled me over to see this CX bike. It wowed both of us, definitely our favourite of the day. Paul's Touring cantis in red, not common. The paint was awesome. The model was Supercross, but I cannot recall the builder....


Andy said...

That black and white CX bike at the end of the post is a Bishop:

There were amazing bikes everywhere like Zanconato, Gaulzetti, Kish, Spooky, Bilenkey, etc... I've only seen a couple of Rivendells and Indy Fabs around here in my life, at D2R2 they were everywhere.

Matt Surch said...

That's it, Bishop, thanks Andy. A young woman on a Spooky road bike complimented my bike at the top of Patten, and I mentioned I'd had one of their mtb hardtails back around 2000. I don't think she knew what the hell I was talking about. Looked like a very robust frame, like my Metalhead, except faster.

croskery said...

lovee the CO2 placement. Its like its always meant to be there.