Monday, October 24, 2011

Renfrew Ma-Ta-Wey Park CX


Ouch. Terrific course, long laps, and a death march uphill finish. A bit of barfing, plenty of maxed heart rates, lots-o ripped lungs, and the odd heinous muscle spasm. Glad to see an extended off-camber section, a taste of Europe, and a great variety of turns to test technique. My nemesis, Steve Proulx, crashed in front of me going through a ditch, which led to me stomping on his Zipp front wheel....eeee. Steve's tire rolled, yet he still managed to get back up to me, pass me, and ride away. Respek. I'll have to get faster, maybe pedalling harder will work? Yep, its probably just that. Or more beet juice.
Aarg, I be Captain Pegleg, where be my treasure?
This is called child's pose, aka, the fetal position. Assume this and you know you've left it all on the course.  Own it.


Darren said...

Yes to the beet root juice! Was meaning to try it before a TT... maybe I'll try before the next 'cross race :)

Dom said...

In my opinion, that was the best course ever....EVER.

Anonymous said...

Damn despite planning my work travel to include this race (haven't done it yet)Bob out smarted me by swapping the dates.
AAGGHHHH. Next year????????

Disco Stu said...

Haha!!! Good ol' Ali G