Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Ride of the Damned: Results

Update: Photos, video, and results are up on SportRecon:

Please feel free to add your pics and video! 

$1790.00 was raised this year!!! Thank you for your generosity, everybody! $1780.00 has gone to AFRICYCLE and $10 to Canada Helps via Bicycles For Humanity.

As promised, we're awarding prizes to the Laterne Rouge and Middle of the Pack finishers of the Strava Dirt Monster Challenge. 17 riders rode and uploaded each of the four climbs. Thus, the Nick Vipond takes the Laterne Rouge, and Norm Cowan takes the Middle of the Pack! Both can claim their prizes at Tall Tree Cycles. 

Sunday's Ride of the Damned had to be the best yet. Gorgeous weather, lots of riders, Strava sections, perfect dirt roads....heck of a day. 

dave sugden
Dave Sugden, funny man. Photo: Rodd Heino

Thanks to all the riders for coming out to share our favourite roads with us, and to all our volunteers for their efforts, both big and small. Thanks to all our sponsors for providing a tonne of great prizes (and cookies) for our riders! I'm not sure who the Kona Sutra frame and fork went to, but congrats!!!

As it turned out, the first Strava climb was paved when we arrived, still fresh! Shocking! The Dirt Monster Challenge consisted of four climbs, which I've totaled for cumulative KOM and QOM results:

Alyssa Mellon, of The Cyclery, captures the QOM crown, eking out Tricia Spooner by 10 seconds!

Iain Radford of Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles takes the KOM crown!

Here are the Strava results (minus times for those few riders who have not uploaded to Strava).

Ian and Alyssa each win a one-year Premium Strava subscription and a Strava jersey bin. Congratulations, darn fine riding! I will email you to arrange for pick-up of your prizes. 

We've got two additional prizes on hold for the Laterne Rouge and Middle of the Pack finishers too! I'll wait to get the stragglers' times input before announcing these winners.

On the team front, the recorded show good teamwork for the most part. A couple teams clearly did not ride together, which is problematic for a couple reasons, the primary one being riders potentially getting lost. We rely on teams to ensure all their riders are accounted for, so it is vital that riders stay together. This applies to both teams that come pre-assembled, and those we compose morning-of. We will continue to treat this issue seriously, so please either make sure you have a team of at least 4, or be prepared to ride all day with strangers next year. Thanks.

Here are the team times. Chapeau to the Stevens Soaring Eagles p/b The Cyclery team for a very strong ride that included a stop at Pipolinka. Great riding from a classy bunch of guys. 

Photo dump coming asap. For now go here and here for photos from Mark Carver and Rodd Heino. Cycle Dude NS has put up a slew of great shots of the scenery here that really showcases the route. 

Update: I have a red Bridgehead travel mug that was left on the sign-in table. Email me if it's yours.


the original big ring said...

Best $20 I ever spent on a bike event. Wicked job fellas!

Peter M said...

I sprinted up some hill near Cascade that clearly wasn't the right one. After then missing the 2nd one my "helpful" team then goaded me with "I think this is one of the Strava climbs" at every single freakin' hill. Thanks guys.

Awesome ride. Looking forward to next year's.

Mike Heindel said...

Thanks for using our service and we're glad the event was a success. Results, photos and videos have been posted to the event page.