Saturday, March 2, 2013

February Fat Challenge (via STRAVA) Winners!

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Ok, you all want to know who won before anything else, right? By random draw, here's who takes the Strava Premium 1-Year Subscriptions:

Marco D
David Bilenkey

Winners were drawn from a mug by my daughter.

I will drop off the voucher cards inside a handy Strava JerseyBin at Tall Tree Cycles for pick-up any time after Monday. If either are unclaimed by the following Tuesday, and I've not heard from either winner, I'll redraw.

Now for the stats.

Iain Radford pulled massive mileage, totaling 322km for the month of February, almost exclusively on singletrack! Yariv Wolfe and Brad Kukurutz flirted with 200k at 196 and 190, respectively. Here's the rest, in no particular order:

Jay Heins: 168km
Janine Gorman: 110km
Marco D: 147km
Rod Diaz: 147km
David Bilenky: 117km
Thom Johnson: 134km
Matt Surch: 140km (no, I was not in the draw).

Our grand total was thus 1669km, the distance between Ottawa and Little Seldom, Newfoundland, you know, if you could ride there in a straight line.

All in all there were many more miles logged on fat bikes in the Ottawa area, but not everyone is logging rides on Strava, and not everyone on Strava submitted totals. Better odds for those who did. It was clear form comments I received that this Challenge was a good motivator through the month. That's exactly what I was hoping for when I set the point of entry at 100k, which could be attained in 10 rides of 10k. Doable, it adds up. Thanks to Strava for providing these prizes; I'll aim to repeat the Challenge next season, and I will keep the focus on participation, and away form competition.

Thanks to all for being part of the Challenge! Lets see if we can shatter our collective total in 2014!

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