Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ride of the Damned Update

I'm happy to announce that the Ride of the Damned will start and finish at Bate Island on June 23rd. Smack in the middle of the Ottawa River, Bate Island has parking, a bathroom, and an enclosure that will cover us in the event of rain. It should be a great place to begin and end the ride! 

Now that siting is finally finalized, I will get registration up and running. Entry will be $40, due to the increased cost of permits and sanctioning. 

I've created a RotD page here on the blog (under the banner up top), in an effort to help make all the information riders need easily accessible. Please let me know if there is anything missing, and I'll get on in. 

I've also created a FaceBook page for the RotD. Please 'like' the page to help get the word out and catch wind of info coming through the pipe. This is the FB event page, which you can use to invite friends to the ride.


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