Friday, November 21, 2008

The Hardfolk Classic Will Roll!

Just a quick post to confirm that Sunday's ride will roll as planned.

Meet at the soon-to-be-old Tall Tree store - 422 Richmond Rd - at 7am Sunday. Then we ride.

It'll be cold, but should be dry/ish. Bring extra gloves, if possible, to enable a switch upon departure from Wakefield. See Rodd's post below for more details.

I look forward to seeing you all for a day of conversation, great sights and some character building!


glacialridn said...

bring a friggen penis sock!
Gonna be a coldy, but a goodie.
Love heading out to Wakefield.

Who's all going anyhow?

glacialridn said...

I found something...

We should have one of these some time!

I may kick up to the gats after for some good'ol trail riding
(kick off at Wakefield to the 52 to the 36 up the 40 down the 1 to 3 to 32 to 4 to 15 then parkway home... the trails should be just sweet this time of year - rock hard like concrete )
I'll probably join in the front end of the ride though... I always wanted to know where st.amour street went...
I hit it up on my road bike some time ago, but the road looks a bit too raunchy for 700x23s (bust a tube and rim)

Peter M said...

I was keen but won't be joining in. Too cold for me I'm afraid. Sounds strange from someone who rides 2hrs a day all winter long, but despite the best gear going, I can't keep the hands and feet warm for more than an hour once it gets below zero. Have fun!

glacialridn said...

woke up this morning my dog was dead, someone disliked him and shot him in the head. I woke up this morning and my cat had died. I'm gonna miss her sat down and cried.

Well, not really.
I managed to wash everything last night in preparation for a nice clean ride.
I got up at 6:45, said to myself, I can go out and suffer in the cold morning frost or have a bit of indoor loven' fun. I choose the later...

Give me an email for next weekend though (or coming weekends)

a) head up to Wakefield and do the big loop to the dam then back on the other side of the 105
b) do a big loop in ottawa. Start at mooneys hit up some single track out to the airport parkway then cut into the trails off Albion to Ramsayville road then through to Orleans. Follow the gravel stuff along the river then head back along the river to mooneys.
c) hit up the trails in the west end off hunt club (Jack pine, lime kiln, through to Kanata etc...)

glacialridn said...

If you lads are looking for a route... I just got back from doing the 105 (started from around mooneys bay area) to 366 to 307.
105 is alright... construction near Wakefield though...
366 is kind of tight... didn't plow the shoulder...
307 is good to go!
I got a flat on the way home.
Had to ride some of it in the dark...
Ekkks... that's not nice ( happened to me a couple of times before, at least the white line is there to guide the drunks on the road...)

Anyhow, I'm scaling down my winter riding this year.
If any of you lads are into some "radical running" let me know.
Starting from mooneys bay. Trying to hit up some trails along the way... then a couple of climbs up Dunton tower etc...
I'll only be riding wakefield either sat or sunday this year...
feel free to give me an email if interested in either.
If enough interest we could have a pool for king climber (first one up Dunton gets a box of my stinkn socks!)...

chow for now.