Monday, November 10, 2008

Hardman Classic Update

Hallo all interested in the Hardman Classic still set for November 23rd.

Couple of points, a few folks have expressed interest in doing the longer loop. I think the best way is to consider it a two pronged group ride, the first stage is to Wakefield, via Cascade. This is 67 km to Wakefield and lunch, then those who wish to continue can do so, while those who do not can easily ride back to town via River Rd.
That way the most amount of folks can get some fun in, but without the heavy duty distance.
It will still end up being an over 120 km day, with plenty of climbing and some super fun gravel.
For those who want a bit more, well there will be a bit more.

I would recommend ya'all bring some things.
Chemical hand warmers, useful if you need them.
Lights, a be seen front and rear light
Dry gloves, just in case
Wear wool socks! and booties!
Bring cameras! Very scenic!
Bring two tubes each
and a patch kit
Bring a good attitude!
Thats all for now
So meeting will be fairly early. We will assemble at the Tall Tree old location for 7
We will roll along the river bike path on the Ottawa side, crossing either at Portage if the locks are open, or cross at the locks if they are crossable.
So if anyone wants to meet us at spots along the river, (War museum, under the bridge by the Museum of Civilization whatever, please let us know ahead of time)
A comment on this blog post will suffice.
I look forward to seeing you all there.



fritZman said...

Rodd, where exactly is the "Tall Tree old location"?

Looking forward to the ride.


Matt Surch said...

422-B Richmond road.

James said...

hey guys, i'd like to meet up with you at the war museum. what time (approx) will you be rolling by there?

Matt Surch said...

If we roll out close to 7 we'd be at the War Museum about 7:20. Its simpler to all meet at one place so there is no confusion about whether you've missed the group if you're late. But if rendezvouing is necessary, just be sure to be there at the earliest time we'd arrive, 7:20. Then wait. We'll roll through by the bridge.

glacialridn said...

what time are you boyz leaving?