Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cross Vegas gets the Treetment!

Look at that, Neil representing large! Borrowed from Cyclingnews...big time!

Word came in earlier today about Tall Tree Cycles ace racer Neil Scheiman's Cross Vegas experience. He didn't get lapped! Awesome, that is a feat in itself, as the race was attended by many honches, including Vervecken, Kabush, Page and Trebon. Neil pulled off the 3rd best Canadian finish in 52nd spot out of 90 finishers; about 15 DNFd. What a fantastic effort, way to go Neil! Once again, Tall Tree throws it down in the USA! Look out for Niel in the OBC series about to start on Sunday; he ought to be flying. I'll have to slap on extra Mad Alchemy embro to keep his back in sight! Embrocation is magical, right?

Look for Neil at about 34s.

Look for Neil around 1:26.

Check back soon for Rob Parniak's report from Crank the Shield last week. Lets just say he pulled off an awesome performance.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you can see him fly by 34 seconds into the clip.

Youtube Cross Vegas 2009

Pascii said...

whoahohoho! Tall Tree makes!!!!!
Way ta go Neil!

Matt Surch said...

Thanks Anon, got it up there. Sweet find Pascal, wicked flailing there!