Monday, September 28, 2009

Race Report: True North Guelph Cross and Singlespeed Cross Nationals

Wow, this is incredible. The dirt hump was ALMOST jumpable...almost.

More photos here:
Fantastic exposures!

Rodd and I returned from Guelph mid-day yesterday after an action packed Saturday of racing. We thoroughly worked ourselves over, racing at 1:30 and then again at 6. We raced both singlespeed, a first for both of us. Both races went well, the first being a typical course with a great uphill barrier, a few off cambers; lots of technical elements. I started strong in the Masters 1 field, following Andrew Crouch of True North through the first lap, them drifted back a little as the pain settled in. Rodd started off slower, but ramped it up, catching then passing me about halfway in. He rode super smooth, and we I followed for a while, then got spat out. on the final lap I put the suffering aside and made up about 20 seconds to pull ahead of the elite between us (elites stared 1 minute ahead) and finished close to Rodd. Fifth and sixth. Except the officials switched my to elite in the results, which put me one lap down...whatever.

Next race was at 6 pm, True North HQ. A grass cut course, this one was fresh and lumpy. the Lemans start set Rodd and I up 1-2. We kept it at about 8.5-9 on the volume dial and Rodd took the preem for beer. Kept it this way until the end of the second lap, where I took over the pulling. Soon Ted Ingram was knocking on the door, so I let him by. Followed him for a while, volume at 10. Too bumpy, taking a beating in the lower back. Down to 9. Rodd trails with another True North rider, Paul, on his tail. Second...suffer the pain. Oooh, the pain; debilitating. Dismount for a barrier, back locks up. I stood there to stretch it while the next two - Rodd has dropped back with too much back pain too - passing. I chased as well as possible and maintained the gap. Ted was far ahead, but suffered a flat and broken crank arm - simultaneously apparently! This put me in third and that's how it ended. Rodd was two or three back, but he didn't drop out. That took a lot of will.

Once on the road to recovery, we got down to the party. More to come on this later. When the photos start to appear I'll 'beef' this report up. Here are the two I've found so far.


shapelike said...

What, no photo credit love?

- Mike

Matt Surch said...

Dude, yer fast! Added it 5 minutes later. Great shots man!

shapelike said...

No worries! Someone saw my photos and asked if that was George Hincapie making a guest appearance at the race. I just happened to do a quick Google search for the Tall Tree site and came across your blog. Looks like you guys had a fun time at the races that day. :D