Sunday, November 22, 2009

Double Cross Action!

Just a brief note until I have time later to provide more words about today's ride. Thanks to everyone who came out! The turnout was great, around 23, and the weather was outstanding. A few flats were had, confusion abounded about certain people's whereabouts, but nevertheless, everyone seemed to have a swell time. A group of us had coffee, beer and food at Raw Sugar apres, which was fantastic. As I write this I am sprawled out on my couch feeling rather well used. A great day in the saddle indeed.

If you have photos you'd like to share, send em over to me:

Check back soon for more.

pics here


Anonymous said...

Nice route Matt...Jen and I were following a plan to start out slow as she hasn't ridden since going back to school to become a teacher. We missed you guys by about 15 minutes at Pipolinka. we had some soup and bread and then I tried to take a shortcut to catch up from the 52 but the trails were wet and more technical than I remembered. It became a long day fast. About 5-10 minutes into our return trip Jen's derailleur literally got ripped off her bike by a stick and was beyond repair. She did the coast down walk up for awhile but that was taking too long so we turned her bike into a single speed and then continued...for a long time. The big mistake was trying to make up time instead of just being content with a nice afternoon on the road/ and learn.


Alex M. said...

Totally loving the Tall Tree ride routes. Quintuple was great! Frolic was perfect, as was today. I seriously thought more Wheelers would show up since I've been pushing all the CX guys to come out. I think they opted for the UCV race. In any case, 'twas a blast. Thanks for putting it on.

Bigger Dummy said...

Thanks to all who waited up for me at Lac Philippe. My GPS got disoriented some how and I jumped off the pavement and on to some leafy trail too early, then was headed the wrong way around the lake. I put on my ipod, turned off the mapping and followed the way I knew was out.

Later saw Brad and Martin having a rest stop. They seemed content. It didn't dawn on me that they may have been waiting for me :)

Awesome day guys - thanks for another epic!