Thursday, November 19, 2009

Double Cross: The Path the Salvation

Well, salvation might be a little too strong, but I like the ring of it, so I'm running with it. I stated earlier that we would not provide cue sheets for Sunday. The reasons for this are twofold: I don't want to waste time and paper unecessarily (as we don't have confirmation of numbers), and I believe riders are fully capable of creating cue sheets on their own. Preparing a cue sheet shows a degree of commitment to the ride that differs from the typical race-oriented event. One of the reasons we like doing events like this is that they provide the context in which riders can access terrain they would not otherwise encounter. Or perhaps combinations they would not encounter. Its about expanding the possible right here, in our own - big - backyard. So taking the time to look at the map is a way riders can enhance their familiarity with the region. For those who have not mapped out rides like this before, its an opportunity to try your hand at making a cue sheet and testing it out with the confidence that you won't likely get screwed if its off. We posted the route map last week to afford everyone the time to look it over.

Despite all this, I am a little concerned some riders will show up without having looked at the map, and also have little familiarity with the area. The buddy system will mitigate this potential issue, but nevertheless, I have decided to compose a rudimentary map to bring along, just in case I have to give some out. Bringing along a map of the park that shows the summer trails will be completely sufficient. The GPS map we've posted can be transposed manually onto your Park map. This would be the simplest way. A cue sheet would be easier to handle if you already have a familiarity with the area. Again, the route is not complicated, but their are decisions to make along the way, once we get onto the trails. There will be riders who could simply be told the trail numbers who would be good to go. To others, the numbers will be meaningless.

View 2009 Double Cross (Bikely) in a larger map

In en effort to make the route very clear, we took photos of each intersection last week. Jamie created the geo map above. CLick the riders for photos. In very simple terms, we'll be accessing the trails from the Mill in Wakefield, heading North then West to Lac Phillipe, bearing around the lake and back South-East toward Pine Road, then pretty much South to O'Brien. That's pretty straightforward for those who ride the trails. From O'Brien we take Meech Rd. to the North loop of the Parkway, then continue toward the Gamelin gate to finish (this differs from the last leg of the Parkway Rodd mapped). In other words:

52 to 53 to 51 to road around lake to 50 to 36 to O'Brien to North Loop of Parkway continuing to Gamelin gate. The end.

As I have stated earlier, we will ride as a group or small groups to Wakefield, stop at Pipolinka for a snack, then continue as a group to the trail. Thus, there is no reason to discuss the route to Wakefield beyond saying we'll take the parkway to the cut over to Mine road, take that to Old Chelsea, then Scott to the 105 and Cross loop, then River road.

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