Monday, May 17, 2010

Green Bastards, from Parts Unknown

Before getting to some photos from the 2010 Ride of the Damned, there are a few lost and found items to mention:

  • 1 Sugoi knee warmer, black, found (by my, in Thom's Saab)
  • 1 pair sunglasses, found
  • 1 missing set of Ibex arm warmers
Let me know if you've lost or founds these.

Ok, now for some pics. Yes, there is a Green Bastard bias here. Until more photos come in, you'll have to live with that.

Check this out: a cheering section! Who'd've thunkit? Not me. These rascals came out in the early morning with their folks to see the group off. Incredible. Can you see the horn? It was blaring! So cool.

The group just about to head up the first double digit climb of the day. John Large told me they used to race crits in this neighborhood...OMG (Oh My God). That could be mental.

Classic shot of the pastoral landscape, and some Green Bastards.

Super Snot Rocket! This has to be one of my favourite shots we've got. I think it really speaks to the spirit of the ride: crazy. But in a good way.

Another new favourite. Rob Parniak and David Stachon: dirt masters, Green Bastards.

Looking out over the Dam/n. You'd think the climb up should be brutal, given the spectacularity of the landscape here. In fact, its pretty reasonable. Great view here, a unique place for certain. There seem to be freeriding possiblities down there...(that's mtb lingo).

The Low checkpoint, 'manned' by the Pold's in style. "Ok, they're here, lets bolt while they are chewing! Heheheeeee. Green Bastards.

Large in charge. I guess riding the route in the snow a week ago bought us this weather. You're welcome everybody. Send thank-you cards to Steve and Ariel, they took it for the team on that pre-ride too.

The obligatory covered bridge shot on Cross loop. Its simply too gorgeous not to shoot here. We rode through here in February and skiers were skating all over the wind-packed snow covered fields. Magical.

Cooking with gas,
cooking with gas, 
everything's better,
 when you're cooking with gas!

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David Stachon said...

Good capture Matt. We really are bastards.

Thanks again to your parents Jamie. Those refreshments made that ride the greatest day of my life. I really wish I was joking.