Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ride of the Damned: The Vitals

Updated Friday night: 
BBQ time
Cue sheets
Last section of route (see below for all)
Sign in at finish

Its a bit challenging trying to get all this information across in this format; a site dedicated to this event alone would certainly be easier to manage. No matter, we'll get it done.
I've consolidated the vital information for Sunday's Ride of the Damned here for ease of access. If you still don't know what the heck the RotD is all about, check out the previous posts, here and here to get up to speed. I've provided a lot of background on the format to help everyone get onto the same page; this is not as simple as a typical century ride or race,  formats that are well trodden and familiar. I'll update this post between now and Saturday night as pieces come together, so please check back in to stay apprised.

So far we've got 11 teams in the mix. Outstanding! Very exciting.

Who: Audacious dirt loving bicycle riders
What: 5 person Raudax 
When: Sunday May 16th, 2010, Registration @ 07:00-07:50, Departure @ 08:00
Where: Lac Leamy start and finish
Why: Adventure, camaraderie, life experience, tan lines
How much: $10 CAN
Distance: 148k total
Route navigation: Via cue sheets (provided) - unmarked route, open roads
Elevation gain: Approximately 1500 meters
Stuff required: Properly functioning bike, 28-30c tires recommended, spare tubes, patches, pump, multi-tool
Food required: Enough food and water for 72k before first stop. Next stop 26k later (Wakefield), then 50k to finish.
Food en-route: Snacks and water provided at 72k (Low) checkpoint, for purchase in Wakefield.
Food Apres: BBQ from 2pm with allotted portions provided for riders of food and drink, additionals for sale to riders and non-riders. Feel free to contribute food items, including desserts!
Fun Apres: Invite your spouses and kids for the BBQ and kids bicycle parade (bike decorating) and fun race!
Proceeds: Any and all proceeds will go to Tall Tree rider, Martin Kellen's, fundraising efforts for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. We'll be collecting donations at the BBQ.
Prizes: Tall Tree Cycles and Steelwool Bicycle Co. will give away a Limited frame, fork and headset in a draw, along with goodies from Norco!!!

Here are the maps. The cue sheets are prepared, but I don't have them in electronic format with the tulips, so you'll have to wait until Sunday for those. But if you want to see what they look like without the tulip diagrams, go here. We'll have two sets of cue sheets per team (in the name of saving paper and time). GPS units will likely make navigation easier still but it is good to learn how the cues work for those times without GPS, or GPS failures. Printing out maps to distribute is pointless; they would be too hard to read. If you have a decent map, bring it along.

11k Neutral start, 137k Official Route.
Approximately 1465m climbing.

Neutral Start - for GPX, go here and click 'share'

Official Route - for GPX go here and click 'share'


#1 - We will be providing water and bananas at the Gazebo in Low 61k (72 total) into the route. Many will want to take 3 bottles to cover this distance (budget for 1 bottle per hour, do the math). The Gazebo is checkpoint #1; everybody must sign in so all are accounted for. There is also a depanneur here, but there is no guarantee it will be open.

Water stop #2 is at the spring in Wakefield, or wherever you choose to stop. Wakefield is as 98k (109 total). Excellent food can be acquired from Pipolinka.

The final stretch back to Lac Leamy will follow the bike/rec path from Mine road. I've done my best with the cues for this section, as I was not able to ride it last week; the distances will not be exact. Be vigilant, as there are not necessarily any signs to go by. Once crossed under HWY 5, we'll be retracing our route on the path from the neutral rollout back to the beech.

All riders will be required to sign in at the finish. Times will be recorded for complete teams.


shore said...

Have a good ride, wish I could be there, but tour of California beckons

Anonymous said...

Make sure you tell people either here or prior to event
"at own risk"
"starting this event is under your own wellbeing, suitability, and we can not look after you"

Just to be on the safe side.

I remember back when I was 14, a "friend" came over to visit. He said, lets go down the basement to lift some weights. Ok I said. He loaded up the weights (about 140 lbs or so). I said, "if you lift all that you will get a hernia". He lifted them alright, it fell on his head. blind in one eye and deaf in one ear he is. parents tried to sue for a million bucks. Because I said what I did, thrown out of court.
Events are different in some sense because its not on ones property... but, to be on the safe side... just make sure you say "at own risk"... this is simply a ride on your own (I think you guys did mention that already though).

yah just never know.

jay2179 said...

Mat around what time d'ya expect the Apres Fun festival to start? Or to put it another way, how long does it take to ride 145km? ;)

Matt Surch said...

Jay, we're aiming to get the BBQ rolling at 2pm. The fastest teams will not average higher than 35kph, so we're looking at 4.5 hours rolling time, minimum. The neutral rollout will be slower, so we expect the fastest teams to actually end up riding 5 hours, and spending up to 1hr stopped. If the fastest teams get in before 2, they'll have time to change and relax a bit before the food is ready; we should have people setting up well before then.

Jay said...

thanks Matt! sorry for the typo. stupid iPhone autocorrect.

ok, i know you guys are super busy organizing but possible that anyone would have a car left at the starting point that we might be able to toss a packsack containing a change of clothes into?

Matt Surch said...

Jay, we'll have a car or three there, so stashing bags won't be a problem.