Monday, April 19, 2010

Its Coming: The 2010 Ride of the Damned! May 16th, 2010.

Spring Classics are undoubtedly BIG.
In Europe, they virtually comprise a season unto themselves, and here in North America, they are more popular than all other disciplines; the Tour of the Battenkill in New York is America's biggest one-day race. In Europe the Spring Classics span two months, but around these parts they get packed into one, on account of...winter. Obsessed with Spring Classics and rough roads in general, the Tall Tree clan decided to extend the Classic action into May in 2009, inaugurating the Ride of the Damned. In its first installment, the RotD was a group ride over challenging terrain, passing up to and over the Paughan Dam, North of Wakefield. On Sunday, May 16th, Tall Tree Cycles will host the second annual Ride of the Damned, utilizing the 'gentleman's race' (or, preferably, gender neutral 'gentlefolk race') format. This format was employed in our Quintuple Pave Classic last August with resounding success.

Teams of 5 start en masse to tackle the 145k route of paved and dirt roads, passing through the Monts Cascades region and North of the 366. This format is an un-race, meaning it is a glorified ride with friends and perhaps...rivals. The spirit of the event is spirited riding, working together, and enjoying the challenge of the terrain; its a 'challenge ride,' not a 'victory ride' (more on this distinction soon, I promise).

The route map will be posted in advance of the event, and teams will be provided cue sheets. The course will not be marked. There will be no technical support, but there will be at least one stop where water and food will be provided. Teams must finish together in order to qualify as finishers. A BBQ post ride might occur, weather permitting, otherwise, we'll work out an alternative. We will really push to make the BBQ happen.

Cost for the event is $10/rider, registration will run from 07:00 - 07:45, start time 08:00.

Team captains are asked to RSVP to by Wednesday, May 12th. For additional details, including confirmation of route, please visit Please feel free to share the poster around, the more the merrier!

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