Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Training Camp

Today brought yet more sunshine and unseasonal whether conditions. Martin and myself got together for a short and eeaaassyyyyy spin on the bike paths around Ottawa and Gatineau. Marty was nursing a bad back and house work kept me in all morning - so around 1 pm we decided to roll. First stop - coffee. After caffeinating we headed East along the Ottawa River to Champlain bridge and across to Quebec.

We rolled the bike path past the Museum of Civilization and decided to take a break in Jaques Cartier Park to relax in the sunshine. Then back across the bridge and toward downtown.

After touring the Byward Market the heat was beginning to take its toll. We were down to one last water bottle between the two of us and we needed to act fast. Since Martin knows a lot about local Ottawa history, he recommended a rest stop that was sure to please.

This place was rich with local history. The walls seemed to speak to me as I walked inside to find the restroom. The other patrons seemed to know each other and the staff. A good sign. We were welcomed with open arms and conversation came easy. We even managed to replenish the fluids we lost during the first part of our ride. Although it donned on me about half way home that I forgot to fill my water bottle.

Ahh, spring training. Can't wait for the first 24 hour off road event.


grove69 said...

ahh the lafeyette - my home away from work. Lucky Ron plays every Saturday and it always is a fun time.

Anonymous said...

"so around 1 pm we decided to roll"

-- love heading out in the late afternoon.
Why people go for early morning weekend rides is way way beyond me...
Thinking back to teenage years, we use to get up half baked then drive home...
You never know what drunk is on the road by early morning on the weekend. Its not just church goers out there early on.

I love the sun as well... afternoon brings sun.
But, brings crowds.
Hence, I don't venture the bike paths during the afternoon hours... just too congested with stupidity (who the heck plays volley ball in the middle of a bike path! I seen it many of times!).

Bring more nice weather. Love it!

Matt Surch said...

Leaving home early tends to afford some wiggle room for the contingencies of long rides...leaving at 1pm for 10 hours out on the bike would put me home past my bed-time! If you ride long enough, you can enjoy sunrise, mid-day sun, and sunset.