Thursday, November 18, 2010

Truffle Pig in da House!

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Potentiality became actuality last weekend when I had double opportunity to put my new prototype Steelwool Truffle Pig through the paces in its element: two twisty cross courses. The only thing missing for this lightweight Pig rig (prig?) was mud. No matter, I got a great feel for the frame and fork over the course of the two days, and have already had a couple pithy conversations with Will Ficner, the bike's designer, about things we can improve on for production. These will be built in small batches in Canada, details to follow. I have a bit of work to do to dial in my position, but in terms of the ride quality of the frame and fork, I am very happy with its responsiveness and propensity to go hard; i.e., it makes me want to push harder. Marc Carver took this great shot' once I have more I'll post again and go through some of the finer points of its design, and where this bike is going to go in retail terms,


Alex M. said...


Matt Surch said...

Thanks Alex! I just cut the headtube down a couple centimeters at the shop tonight, and now its dialled, lean and mean. I can't wait to let it rip on Sunday.

Kark said...

thats a great lookin ride.
looking forward to hearing more of the details..