Monday, November 1, 2010

Tall Tree Team - How are we Doing?

As of Halloween 2010 using Kanata's results, the Tall Tree A-race cyclocross contingent is:

….wait for it

slightly better than average!

Show me the data.

Fine. Here’s the data, and it’s bloody compelling (although blogger made the graph slightly fuzzy)

In the above graph:

  • Along the x-axis, the overall placing (for the winner Evan, that’s 1) (lower is favourable)
  • Along the y-axis, the “Seconds Behind Leader” (for the winner Evan, that’s 0) (lower is favourable)

Notice the "Tall Tree Cluster" (green cloud starting with Matt, and ending with Todd) with comfortable distribution under the “Mean Average” and not being part of the pro-rated lapped riders, or heaven forbid the "laterne rouge" at the top right.

"Well done boys."

...or more accurately, "slightly better than adequately done boys."

Data sourced from:


rob.parniak said...

We've just got to start playing a full 60 minutes. Take this season one game at a time. With Neil out the rest of us are going to have to step up and create more chances. We just have to go out and play our game.

David Stachon said...

For sure Rob. All I know for sure is that the future is never what it used to be, and neither is the past.

Pascii said...

What we need to do is ride faster. We gotta put 110% and and stay ahead of our competitors. Take the corners faster and go faster on the straightaways and on the dismounts and re-mounts. We've got a great club and a great buncha folks this year and if we leave it all on the course that's half the battle right there.

Matt Surch said...

Yeah, for sure. Its about making opportunities happen, digging deep in the corners, and putting in the 110% effort. 100% just doesn't cut it at this level, you gotta put in the extra 10.

Madmountainmike said...

Win one for the gipper !