Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everything is Connected

Ottawa's Living Lightly Productions and Quiet Revolution Pictures are thrilled to announce the World Theatrical Premiere of Powerful: Energy for Everyone

A film by David Chernushenko

Can we make energy more democratic and democracy more energetic?

Tuesday, November 2 at 7pm

World Premiere Screening with "co-star" Olympic rower Adam Kreek and Q&A with producer-director David Chernushenko

The Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street, Ottawa


Wednesday, November 3 at 7pm

Regular screening of Powerful: Energy for Everyone followed by discussion with producer-director David Chernushenko

The Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street, Ottawa

Tickets available at the Mayfair on November 2 and 3:

Mayfair Theatre members $6.00; Non-members $10.00; Seniors $7.00; Children $5.00

Colorado Environmental Film Festival Nov 4-6, 2010 (Official Selection)


Anonymous said...

I'm there...

what they should be doing to avoid major backlash from the rednecks out there (Lowel Greens, Rob fords...)

is push for efficiency.

This green thing is fine, but only the "treelover" types buy in.

To truely sell the "green" thing, we should be selling efficiency.

How efficient is a process?
How many true calories does one use in a day? - if we look at the amount of calories one use to haul their butts around, to light thier way, to warm their bones...

its synonomous to an athlete. An athlete has to count their calories, keep their weight down and be a very efficient vehicle in all regards.

We use to be much more efficient when we lived off the land. We had connections to the land for we were dependent upon it.

Now, we are far removed.
Try to get someone to start a garden, to light a fire from nothing, simple survival...
they won't be able to do it!

We have become this very dependent society with very dependent people.

We have to get back to connecting with the outside world. To become efficient. Counting calories.

We've become lazy like in our ways. So so far removed from it all in our cacoons.

lots of people making money from it all though.. so, it won't change for a long long time. People don't realize this. And, the Lowell greens and rob fords of the world are pompous enough to protect the inefficiencies...

Anonymous said...

read this book:

Hot flat and crowded...

then consider:

-- politicians and business folk ain't gonna say a peep about that. But, notice how they are trying to push down the price of fuel without much success.
The last crash (Oct 2008), oil was at 140 a barrel or so...

then read:,_Germs,_and_Steel

The need for efficiency is here now!

Yet, we are still heading in the same collision course we have been in for the past 50 years! (since the big build era of the 1950s!)

if we don't change now, it will take us huge huge huge amounts of investment in the future!
The debt we leave to the future

Efficiency would get us there. A focus on efficiency.

That means,
efficient vehicles,
efficient homes,
efficient food production (ie. greenhouses grown locally, they do it in the Delta in Vancouver)
efficient business (work from home)

we are stuck though. Badly stuck.
Really badly stuck....

Matt Surch said...

I have to differ in opinion regarding efficiency. In reality, more efficient use of energy does not amount to conservation. People install high efficiency light bulbs, then leave them on all day. I'm not kidding. More efficient cars are driven as much or more than less efficient cars. Being green is not simply about being more efficient; its about being more efficient AND consuming less energy and materials overall. This is about reorienting perception with regard to what we need and want in our lives. I am referencing the distinction between deep and shallow ecological thinking.

Anonymous said...

we need a massive collaboration in ideas, wild thoughts, open communications, guilt the backlash (ie Lowell greens and rob fords... those two should be ashamed of their laziness!), etc...

society is a bit too comfortable right now in their ways...
Everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone a bit and change the way they do things...
but, as humans, we react. When their is a fire under our butts we dance. Ain't no fire there. In other countries there are though...
they have to change.
We still have vast resources which are being taken away though (eg China and India are resource hungry)... and low population count.

This will change soon though. As countries come knocking on our door. Yet, our current administration is overseas begging countries to come rape us away (resources). So, it won't be long.
We eat up 86 million barrels of oil a day or so. 60% of which is used for agriculture. It takes 10 calories to make 1 calorie of food. So, it won't be long.
When 2.5 billion people want the all american way, worry...

we are too comfortable right now.

Anonymous said...

"I have to differ in opinion regarding efficiency. In reality, more efficient use of energy does not amount to conservation. People install high efficiency light bulbs, then leave them on all day. I'm not kidding. More efficient cars are driven as much or more than less efficient cars."

-- I will have to agree to that as well...
People have to realize what the definition of efficiency really means. It really means counting calories.
Everything can be converted to calories used in a day.

In Britian, I heard that they will start implementing carbon credits. Everyone will be given a certain amount. The poor can sell their credits to the rich.
That seems effective in some regards.

I would still push for efficiency. But, in selling the concept, the idea of guilt and counting calories must also be introduced.

We enjoy a lavish lifestyle of waste in canada.

Honestly though, I would tax our resources in a major way. reinvest in human capital in a major way.
Currently, we are giving ourselves away.
A consumer nation we have become.
Way way too much a consumer nation.
That has to change as well.

We don't realize efficiencies anymore. We make far too much money from waste. Hence, we won't change any time soon.

A perfect example: look at all that traffic in the morning and night. A vehicle is about 25% efficient. The rest wasted in stop and go... Then consider the huge infrastructure we require for these huge metal boxes we haul ourselves around in.
Businesses that rely on cheap fuel should be bitching up a storm on all this waste! For the more we waste every day, the more it cuts into the bottom line!

Wait until food increases as fuel increases (peak oil)... people will start saying, hopefully, do you want to eat or drive!
This might happen in our lifetime.
(not including the fact the dramatic effects climate change has - warming, more desert or more rain in areas...)

Anonymous said...

If one was to take human evolution:
from the amoeba through to the evolutionary aspect of the mammalian from water to land in search of low lying fruit to the real tasty stuff higher up...

We are no longer evolving really.
We are dependent now.
Dependent on energy in a huge huge way for real meaningless creature comforts. Try to get most people on a bike now a days... yah right.

If we were to examin human evolution over the next couple of centuries or so in a temporal and spatial fashion, we'd probably find we probably loose everything on our body and the only thing that would remain is this massive cage to haul around our heads.
Or, it could go the other way were we evolve into "jabba the hut". As we hit peak oil

We kind of hit this turning point in evolution...
maybe something more efficient will take over our species as we have gotten to large for the planet (consume too many resources for our survival). Too far removed we are from nature really... to the point of complacency.

Anonymous said...

We must also ensure that canada does not fall into the same "traps" other resource rich nations have fallen into (ie middle east). for oil can be the curse to a saviour. It can breed fascism and extremism as people become complacent to their surroundings ("it can't happen to us" etc..). There are many resource hungry countries. The best thing we can do is to raise taxes on these resources and reinvest in human capital ensuring that we grow sustainably and smartly.
May we not fall victim to unprecidented growth or pure greed.
Damn, I hope not... the result is not nice.

Hence, the much needed change of the "green revolution"
(see the book natural capitalism where the economy starts considering nature in its equation, currently, it does not... not until resources have been depleted completly).
We need to count calories in all areas and consider efficiencies in all areas... smartly developing communities considering long term consequences.

What we have now is the casino style thinking. Governments breed it and so do large corporations. Small is good. Innovation is a must. Thinking efficiency with diversity in all areas to ensure no one thing gains control.

my thoughts on the matter anyhow... well, not really, its a collection of thoughts... from many sources over many years of having an interest in this area (since my teenage years)