Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magical. Untamed. Africa.

This Friday, Tall Tree Cycles' resident time trial master, David Stachon, will fly to South Africa to prepare for a the AMSA Cape Epic stage race. The race, which begins on March 27th, is composed of 8 stages, launching from 27km in Tokai Forest, which forms part of the Table Mountain National Park. Dave, like all other competitors, will race with a partner, a friend I believe lives in South Africa. Dave has been training as hard as he can on top of working full time and family duties; I'm confident that he will be ride well and have a great race. I'll be receiving email updates from the organizers daily on Dave's progress, which I will share here. We'll be able to send Dave our encouragement through this portal; whether he has energy to do anything more than change and eat before hitting the sack each night remains to be seen. 

Here's an exciting Trek video about the race. Dudes are fast. I'm pretty certain Dave and his partner will race the Masters category, so I don't think they'll be 'worrying' much about these two. 

Go Dave!


Pascii said...
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Anonymous said...

Its suppose to be a pretty flat race though, the 12000km all across africa race or Race across america is suppose to be a killer...

when I was racing staged stuff these guys would always be out

from Trek:

Sue Haywood - she kicks butt

Chris Eatough

wicked wicked riders...

the most wicked rider I've ever met was Tinker though

the guy has been racing for over 30 years and is still a very very strong rider. Still doing 100 milers, I think....

truly amazing rider.

best staged race: BCBike race
wicked single track amazing scenery. Good times.

Yah gotta do La Ruta at least once though. That has to be the toughest due to all the micro-climates.

Rodd Heino said...

Um Anon,

The Cape Epic is not flat, sheesh

First stage (a 27 km prologue) gains 750m
next stage gains 2050m in 90 km(6700ft) etc. Never less that 1700 m and four days over 2000m of gain
In fact the cumulative gain over 707 km and 8 stages is 14500m (close to 50 000 ft)
La Ruta is only 4 days and it's biggest day is only 700m bigger than the biggest in the Cape Epic.
I wouldn't call that flat.

Disco Stu said...

That's a pretty incredible opportunity you've got there. Good luck, Dave!

Pascii said...

I like how they mixed up rest heart rate and max heart rate on the little stats charts of the fast dudes.

Max heart rate: 39BPM!

David Stachon said...

whoa! cool to be blogged about.

Thanks guys.

haha ...cape epic is "supposed to be flat" some good old fashioned trolling I reckon.

Andy said...

All the best, Dave. Looks like it'll be a wicked exciting race!

Andy said...

@Pascii: Yes, I noticed the mix-up. But it made me think, who cares about max/rest heart rates? I'd much rather know what these guys' lactate threshold power is, or at least their VO2max!

Madmountainmike said...

Best wishes Dave - go gettem !