Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday

Rodd’s come up with a couple sweet links to sink your teeth/eyes into.

First up, last weekend’s L’Eroica in Tuscany, specifically, Crete. The strada bianche (white roads) looks smooth and fast for this year’s race, and fellow Canadian, Ryder Hesjedal gets lots of camera time. This footage ought to get those with a penchant for dirt roads juiced up and ready to unleash. All we need now ‘round here is spring. In the absence of spring, this made for a great companion to last night’s trainer ride. Beautiful roads and scenery, if this race doesn’t tempt you to plan a trip to Tuscany, perhaps nothing will.


Tagging off, this gorgeous film has to portray the most inspiring trail riding I’ve ever seen. Chris Akrigg, whom some will recognize from past videos carrying out his stylish bmx-inspired street/trials infusion interpretation of urban landscapes, turns to natural trails here. Smooth trail moves are interspersed with awe-inspiring maneuvers unlike anything I’ve seen before. Think Hans Rey trail riding, but turned up to 11. Yep, this one goes to 11. Enjoy.


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