Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hell Climb for Cancer 2011 - The Aftermath


The Hell Climb for Cancer on Wednesday night was an unqualified success! Over 60 riders came out, despite threats of rain, to take on the 6.2 km ascent from P10 at the base of the Fortune Parkway to Champlain Lookout. Some sported their regular road bikes, while others ditched gears in favour of fixed wheels. Then there were the folks on snow bikes (!), BMXs, a tandem, a box bike, long bike, kids bike, trail-a-bike, mountain bike, and of course, Will, on his Moulton folding bike. Zany! The mood was electric in the parking lot, with many a rider sporting costumes, ranging from sassy (Mike's french maid outfit) to metal (James', Rob's and Mark's outfits), with a whole lot in between. A great number of riders definitely took up the spirit of the event and ran with it, which was a real joy to see.

In Anna's words: "Thank you to all participants who came out for the party up the mountain!  You raised an astounding amount: $1300 from cash and online donations! Incredible!  Your generosity and enthusiasm blew me away.  This money will be a long way for the fight against cancer and researching a cure." 

Indeed, the cycling community really stepped up to support Anna's Ride the Rideau fundraising campaign, very heartening. It feels good to be part of a community of supportive, passionate people. If anyone who missed the opportunity to donate in person would like to do so online, click the link in the line above.

Tricia has likely never looked this menacing before.
We couldn't have done it without the support of numerous local businesses, and the generous efforts of our volunteers. A big thank you goes out to The Cyclery, Kunstadt, Bushtukah, Phat Moose Cycles, Tall Tree Cycles, and Danielle Pratt for their generous prize donations. It was great so see a better prize spread than most of the fancy races I've been to! No less, thank you to our volunteers: Deb, Danny, Charlotte, Neil, Rob, Pascal, Mark, Alex and Greg! Everybody was learning on the fly, and I think all did a spectacular job!

Martin forgot the milk, but took his dog for a helluva ride!
Results are up, still somewhat unofficial, as there are a couple times that look like they might need to be revised. Click here to view them.

Lots more photos going up on our flickr page, I'll post more here asap.


the original big ring said...

Dang! That is awesome! Super turn out and a tremendous amount of money raised. Disappointed that I could not attend due to work. This sounds like the making of a very fun annual event. Whoot!

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