Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tanya's Transylvania Epic: Stage Three

Team CF's Selene Yeager is keeping a second Trans-Sylvania Epic title in reach with a second on the Coburn stage.
Photo: © Zachary Repp/TSE 2011 - (
Tanya's holding strong in 7th spot overall after three stages. Here's her rundown, followed by an excerpt from cyclingnews.

"While most of today was spent on gravel roads, it wasn't an easy ride with almost 6000ft of climbing in hot, humid conditions. I've always considered my roadie skills to be a little lack luster, but I pleased to end up closer to the podium times today than yesterday's singletrack intensive course (thank you Tall Tree for all that gravel riding!).

Stage Four is 40 miles of swoopy, buff singletrack awesomeness but will still be very tough with more climbing than any other day."
Another hot, humid day greeted riders at the Trans-Sylvania Epic during stage 3. Both the men's and women's class got off to an exciting start but the biggest change happened in the singlespeed category where Team Dicky's Rich Dillen had a heroic day, upsetting leader Rich Straub (Freeze Thaw/NoTubes/BikeFlights) by five minutes to take both the day's contest and the overall leaders jersey by a mere 35 seconds.

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