Monday, April 23, 2012

Calabogie Classic Roundup

The Tall Tree Cycles/Steelwool Bicycles team had a great day out at the Calabogie race track Sunday, fielding riders in multiple categories, and riding well all around. Significant winds kept speeds down a bit, and made breakaway attempts extra difficult. However, I think everyone learned a thing or two, and benefited from the opportunity to tune up for this coming Sunday's favourite, the Paris-Roubaix out of Almonte (btw, the revised course is posted). Big up to Andy for taking second place in the S4 field sprint!

The Senior 1/2 race was pretty manic through the first few laps, a veritable battle royale. After things calmed down a bit, attacks went off every lap, and by midway, I'd joined a chase group that included a few riders I knew would go well: Aaron Fillion, Michael Woods, and Ed Veal. We ultimately brought a one minute gap down to 16 seconds...not enough. I was happy to ride well with a group of strong riders, though it would have been nice to have been going well enough to help close that gap....

Steelwool bikes performed with aplomb under Dave, Rob, Jim and Matt. Following a Steelwool podium at Clarence-Rockland, Steelwool has seen a strong start the the 2012 season!

Team Results:
Senior 4
Andy Brown - 2nd
Jamie Pold - 11th
Senior 3
Alex Michel - 4th
Senior 1/2 
Matt Surch - 13th
Master 3
Jim McGuire 4th
David Stachon 5th
Master 1 Rob Parniak - 11th
Iain Radford - 26th


Here's Andy in the finish. Turn down the volume to avoid being blasted by an enthusiastic supporter.

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