Friday, April 13, 2012

Tall Tree Club rides

Tall Tree is starting "Club" rides. These rides are for everyone. From beginner to Racer. We will be alternating between Road and Mountain bike rides. The focus will be to welcome new people to our sport and provide a welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere. There will be a no -drop policy. And questions about anything are welcome at anytime. Riders should expect to learn to get comfortable riding in packs on the road and gain confidence on the trails.

In order to run these sort of rides, a bit of insurance is necessary. Riders who want to participate can pay $100 for the season. This includes your insurance and an awesome Tall Tree Jersey!

This also entitles you to a 10% discount in store and access to special deals first. The only other thing I ask of joining riders is that they be self sufficient. This means having the following:

1 tube


Chain tool

Alen Keys

Tire levers

Those are the bare essentials that you should always have while out alone as well. If anyone ever has a mechanical problem out there, we WILL all wait and I will either fix the problem myself or help if necessary. Every rider shall always wear a helmet and please try to have your bike in good working order in time for the start of our rides.

So here is how it will work:

Rides will begin on Monday April 23rd. We will meet at Tall Tree Cycles. I will be there by 5:00 and our rides will begin at 5:30pm. This is an early season start time and will change to 6pm in Mid May. We will do our first ride on the Aylmer bike path, keeping things fairly flat for the first one. We will move into Gatineau Park the following weeks, and our first Mountain bike ride will be Monday May 21st as the trails in the park don't open until the 15th.

After May 15th we will alternate between Road and Mountain.
If/when our group gets big enough, we can split off into 2 ability levels, to try and keep it fun for everyone. Grant will lead the slower and I, (Neil), will lead the quicker.

I encourage women and kids to come out!

Riding bikes is my life and look forward to sharing this.

See you all on the 23rd!

Neil Schiemann

Contact :


Bigger Dummy said...

Can you elaborate a little on this insurance requirement, such as who the policy is with and what exactly it covers or protects?

Andy said...

I believe that this would fall under the OCA's "club member" category:

Neil or Grant should be able to confirm this.

Anonymous said...

I don't want or need another jersey. Can I still participate without dropping $100 ?

Anonymous said...

you guys going to have kids training clubs?

maybe sunday mornings?

Anonymous said...

and, what if we have OBC insurance?

Neil Schiemann said...

With the OCA. Covers you the same way a race license does. If you already have a race license you won't need this.

Neil Schiemann said...

NO kids training clubs at this point on Sunday mornings.

Neil Schiemann said...

You can participate, I will confirm with you how much it will cost for only the insurance.
Please e-mail me directly at

Matt Surch said...

The Ottawa Bicycle Club has a great learn to ride program for kids, highly recommended.

Neil Schiemann said...

I don't know what OBC insurance is.
If you already have an OCA insurance that you can show me, then you arte fine.
We just want to make sure everybody at least gets into the store to fill out the waiver.