Thursday, September 27, 2012

Double Cross 2012: The (not so) Skinny

Poster by Greg Cosgrove
All right folks, bust your fattest CX tires out and get ready for the best CX ride of the season. Featuring road, trail, and Pipolinka, the route is an 88k loop.


When is it where? 
Thanksgiving Monday, October 8, 09:00, Gamelin Gate of the Gatineau Parkway. 09:00 is the departure time, so please arrive early enough make a donation and receive your cue sheet. This year will will once again pass along your donations to Bicycles for Humanity, but we will also donate a portion to the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series for the purchase of cloth number plates (for the 2013 season) and/or some of the other consumables the races eat up (course tape, stakes, etc.). This is a great opportunity to share. This year's Ride of the Damned raised $1790.00! $1780.00 of which went to AFRICYCLE, and $10 to Canada Helps, via Bicycles For Humanity.

So is it a race?
No, Double Cross is an un-race. Like our Ride of the Damned, Double Cross is all about creating the context where teams - in this case of 2 rather than 5 - can do whatever they feel works for them, be it ride full on, or more conversation pace. Its up to teams to decide what they want out of the ride. We provide the route and let everyone loose. There are no prizes for placing. Whoever finishes first will simply be finished, first.

Why teams of two?
Teams afford riders some security in the case of a mechanical, biological, or navigational.  Ideally, you'll want to pair up with someone who you can ride your comfortable pace with. If your partner likes to bring along lots of spare tubes and tools, or say, cookies and whisky, that's good too.

Groups will form organically once we roll out. If teams want to hang with other teams, I advise you to make your intentions very clear so everyone knows the plan.

If we have an odd number we'll form a team of three. Lets preserve the spirit of the ride.

How will the route unfold?
The 2012 route differs from the 2011 route in two spots. 1) I've included Schnob Road, which we will access by the covered bridge at the Lac Phillipe entrance. Schnob becomes trail #53, one that I think most will not have ridden before. I wanted to include it for that reason. 2) Highway 105 construction has knocked out the section of trail #52 from Mill Road to the 53. So we'll ride past the descent to the stream, and spit out onto the HIghway at P17. From there we will ride into Wakefield for goodies at Pipolinka. 

We will provide very basic cue sheets to each team. If you wish to create your own more elaborate version, please do. This is a good exercise for those who aim to do rides like D2R2the Kearsarge Klassic, or any other randonnee. Since the map above doesn't provide trail numbers, you'll want to use the Gatineau Park map in tandem. Please familiarize yourself with the map. We won't be providing any. If you are not familiar with the trails in the park, this is a good opportunity to put your navigation skills to work. Its very hard to go wrong with this route, and there are maps around in the park to refer to. You can purchase the Gatineau Park map from any of the NCC information centres, or World of Maps on Richmond Road.

We will all roll from the Gamelin Gate to bike path at the base of the Pink Lake climb to Mine Road. We'll work our way over to Scott Road, then Highway 105, which we will follow until the split to River Road. At this point, we'll continue on the 105 to Pine Road, turn Left onto it, and continue straight onto the trail (#50). We'll take the 50 all the way to Lac Phillipe, then ride along the lake to P19. Continue on the road to the Covered Bridge, and turn Right on Schnob (before crossing the bridge). This will become the 53, which we will follow to P17. Do not head left and downhill on the 52 under the Highway 5. From P17, head Right (South) on the 105 for a quick jog to Chemin Valley. At the T-intersection, turn Left, then Left again at the Hibou to get to Pipolinka in the back, along Mill Road. Think of Pipolinka as a lunch stop in a randonnee or century ride. No rush, enjoy it.

To return, head Right (South) on Chemin Riverside / River Rd. to Rockhurst, and follow that to and across the 105. You will head straight to Chemin le Lac Brown. At the fork, stay Right/straight. You will descend to the cabins, and head Right, on the 57, then Left on the 52. Stay on the 52 until the T-intersection with the 50, and head Left. This will take you back to Pine Road, where we entered the Park from the 105. Retrace your steps from there.

What happens at the end?
Nothing is prescribed here, many will be heading to Thanksgiving dinners. Those who don't have commitments after the ride may want to catch a drink and food afterwards. This will likely largely depend on the weather. In the event of rain, most will likely want to get home and into warm clothes. Its probably best to play it by ear and make plans on the fly.

If you bring a camera along, be sure to send a link to your photos afterwards. We'll put those up on the aftermath post.

Please remember that this ride, while free, is also an opportunity to devote some dollars to Bicycles for Humanity and the CX series. At the gate, I will collect donations and hand out cue sheets. If you want to make a donation that is sizable enough to require a receipt, don't expect one, I won't have any. Such donations can be made online. Bring bills if you can, they're lighter!

Please feel free to post questions in the comments, or email me:


Scott Emery said...

Just wondering - can I ride a mtb? I don't have a CX bike.... yet...

Rodd Heino said...

No problem scott, the ride there may be a bit irritating, but we know you can handle it!

Scott Emery said...

Thanks Rodd - an irritating ride eh? I am intrigued!

Rodd Heino said...

By that I just mean riding an mob on the road to Wakefield can be irritating the ride is divine

Rodd Heino said...