Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Double Cross Redux

Camera Roll-515

socks of awesomeness
Team Awesome Socks!
What a day. Many a rider shook off their post-Thanksgiving stupors to show up on time at the Gate on Sunday more than a few hours on the saddle in the sun. About 50 donated generously in return for a piece of paper with the route cued up; we raised $521.00 for Bicycles for Humanity and the OBC CX Series. Thanks you for your generosity everyone!

it was that kinda day
Steve and Andy atop trail-o-leaves


Camera Roll-530
Where's Imad? Hey Dave, who shot your wheels with a shrink-ray gun?

Camera Roll-536
Imad and Dave roll along Lac Phillipe
Camera Roll-542
Construction along the beach at Lac Phillipe. What's going in here?
Camera Roll-548
....dirt jumps?
Camera Roll-551
Obligatory rock-shot
Camera Roll-567
This is what Double Cross is really all about: Pipolinka! "Hi, there are about 50 more riders coming, you'd better keep the coffee brewing."
Camera Roll-570
Mmmm, St. Amboise AND coffee.
Camera Roll-575
The stable. Lots of variety this year, mtbs, touring bikes, all-roaders and CX bikes. Next year Iain and I will be rocking drop bar mtbs! Get weird!
Camera Roll-581
NAvigating the HWY5 extension. 
Noah leads Chris and Steve up the cut.
Camera Roll-585
Scramble, vintage CX style.
Photos by Rodd and yours truly. Click any of them to zip through to the rest.

In case anyone was wondering, yes, the climbs on the way back were hard for all of us! Even with a 34x28 and 35mm tires, those are touch. A bunch of us made all of them, but it was not easy!

Aside from a crash Dave T. walked away from mostly unscathed, the only other drama experienced in the front group was an atTack on the 105 on our way back. Sure, we'd suffered a few flats on the trails, but five carpet tacks in our tires on the road was a bit of a drag! Imad left one in, as I should have done, and road it for 12k before swapping in a tube, courtesy of Peter M. Check your tires, folks!

Riders from each of the other groups reported good sensations and little drama as well. The weather was certainly on our side; lets all hope for sun in 2013. Here's a postcard from the Sock Schnob Grupetto, certainly the most stylish group on Sunday:

Feel free to post up more photos etc, on the FB page:

Here's the out:

...and the back:


Rob Young said...

Wow, you guys road on the 105/hwy 5 extension?! :P

Did you have to dodge any angry construction workers, or is this pretty fair game on the weekend? I'd love to take a bike on them, but figured I'd be hauled off by security or something.


Matt Surch said...

Hey Rob, there were no workers around, and we were simply crossing as directly as possible. Its all dirt and rock there now. I wonder how trail access will be maintained. Hopefully a tunnel will be constructed.

Seb Oran said...

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for another generous donation resulting from your annual Double Cross Event. You and the participants are simply outstanding - thank you for your unwavering support!

..Seb and the entire B4H Team