Saturday, October 6, 2012

Still in Ornans...

Made a quick TGV run into Paris on Friday where I saw some of my favourite Tom Hanks movie settings. Returned for Saturday's sign-in and the highlight of everyone's 5:30-5:55pm in Ornans - the Team Manager's Meeting.

The forecast is for rain overnight and through tomorrow (race day), so there's likely going to be some course rerouting.  Two of the climbs are already steep/slippery, and won't be getting much better with added moisture.  Looking forward to the new mystery trails that may take their place.  

World Championship Sky Monitoring Station

Every country participating in this year's race has a mural painted on a storefront in Ornans.  This moose ate the mural.

The vertical scale isn't shown, but there's enough climbing.

Some race info:
  • October 7
  • 84km
  • ~2800m of climbing
  • Time bonuses for riding 26" wheels
More to come after the race (or, perhaps, during if it isn't sunshine and lollipops)...