Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2013 Ride of the Damned: NEW DATE, JUNE 23

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Save the date, SUNDAY JUNE 23

This year's edition of the Ride of the Damned has been pushed into JUNE! Apologies for any inconvenience, the change was unavoidable. We're hoping it will probe a better fit.

We will be starting the RotD from the Ottawa side of the River this year. Details are being worked out, stay tuned.

This year is special, in that we have the opportunity, as a community, to use the RotD as a catalyst to raise funds for fellow cyclist, Julian Hine, and his family. Julian's wife, Vanessa, gave birth via C-section to their lovely daughter, eight weeks early, on March 11, 2013. Almost immediately, Vanessa began intensive cancer therapy. Julian is caring for both mother and child, and consequently, taking a leave of absence from work at Chromag Bikes. Thankfully, Julian's sister and fellow West of Quebec Wheeler, Deb, has reached out to the cycling community in Ottawa, engaging friends of Julian (who now lives in BC), old and new, to pitch in and help out the family. The Wheelers' Roller Race in March was the first event of 2013 to raise funds for the family, and all three of Tall Tree Cycles' events in 2013 will dedicate all revenue to them as well, beginning with the RotD. We'll raise funds and FUN together!

Please visit the family's site for more info, and donation options:

The Wheelers and Tall Tree Cycles will ally at the Ride of the Damned, and provide the best post-ride BBQ to date! We'll have draw prizes for riders, and a great raffle prize (we'll open ticket sales to both riders and non-riders, aiming to bump up our contribution to Julian's family).

I'm working on the registration site now, and will open it up ASAP. NEW THIS YEAR: ALL RIDERS WILL REQUIRE INSURANCE COVERAGE. I am confirming the particulars with the OCA, but this will either mean a 'non-member event permit' or a Citizen's Permit. I'd rather avoid this requirement to maximize accessibility, but liable suits in Ontario have forced our hand on this matter, so all riders will have to be insured to protect both them and us. The necessary permits will be attainable online, and I will provide the appropriate link and info ASAP. Online registration will close on Wednesday, June19, and there will be no on-site registration.

(Following the success of our short-route from Wakefield, we will once again offer this option, departing from Vorlage. This route is 65k, while the long route is 135k.) Update: We will be working out a new short route, which will start from the Ottawa side of the river. We will use the Cascades Loop for this route, which is less technical and hilly than the old route from Wakefield. 

If you are new to the Ride of the Damned, take a look over last year's posts for more details (side bar). Here is the rundown:

The RotD is part Randonnee, part Audax (latin for the audacious). Randonnees are typically ridden solo or in small groups. Audax events are ridden in large groups with a capitaine de route controlling the pace. Our first RotD was like that. With the team format we can incorporate the "allure libre" (free speed) format, thus mixing Audax and Randonnee genres. The result: Raudax (Road-axe).
The route is a mix of dirt and paved roads, covering 130km, plus about 12km from the neutral start. Total elevation gain is approximately 2000m. The route favours tires 25c and larger; tread is not generally required.
Teams of 4-6 members (5 is the target) are free to ride whatever speed they like. Best of both worlds. If you cross racing with this format, you get "gentleman's racing," an underground, honour system format. The RotD is not a race, but competition between teams does occur.
The route features a rest stop with food and drinks provided, but is otherwise unsupported. Teams are expected to take care of each other.
All riders will be eligible to win a draw prize at the post-ride BBQ (included in registration). Guests are encouraged to attend the BBQ as well; meal tickets will be available online, as well as on-site.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this! Really excited (and a bit scared).

Meg said...

Is registration open yet? Will there be food left for slow/casual/just for fun riders?

Matt Surch said...

Meg, registration is not open yet, as we are working on a date change, due to a confluence of circumstances. Tentative new date is June 23. I will announce it officially asap.

Yes, there will be food for all riders. We will in fact have an ex-professional chef coordinating the BBQ, and cooking, which will allow us to bring up the quality and ensure there is great food for everybody!

Pascii said...

Matt, really? We're getting someone to do the bbq other than us? Sweet!

Peter M said...

Ahhhh nuts. I'll miss it. Vacationing in Spain.

Joshua McNeil said...

Hey folks! Any thoughts on a map my ride for 2013? Or will it largely be following the same 2012 route with the exception of a different finish point?

Matt Surch said...

Hi Joshua,
I've loaded up the new maps, since we are starting and ending at a new location. The long route is identical, except the end. The short route is altogether new. There is a tab at the top of the page you can click for the event, then hit 'Route' to get to the links for the maps. Please let me know if there are any issues.

Verena said...

This is cool!