Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Preview: Hell of the North 2009

On Sunday Rodd, Jamie and I will experience the return of 'Toronto's Paris Roubaix Challenge' in its new instantiation: The Hell of the North. While this spring has failed to serve up hellish conditions for the coming weekend, some of us have put in our fair share of riding in the cold and wet; I think we are ok with riding in the sun. If this is the case, the route may not be anywhere near as nasty or epic as prior years - one where the riders had to endure freezing rain! - but rather dry. We shall see. Our trio will be running Challenge Roubaix 27c (Jamie and I) and Grand Bois 30c tires (Rodd), which should be perfect, on our rough roadies - two Specialized Roubaix's and a custom True North (I have a custom Steelwool Roubaix style bike in the pipe). 

Above is the official map, followed by the map Jamie created on bikely (I didn't notice mine was wrong) in an effort to glean more detail. This reveals that there is little climbing, probably under 500 meters. That is not a surprise.

C'mon back Monday for a full report. Happy Easter weekend!


the original big ring said...

Matt - looks like my bike *may* be ready in time. 27c or 30c tires - where's the best place to pick 'em up? A true cx tire would be too slow?


Rodd Heino said...

hey craig
they're saying bigger volume road tires will be best
they're quite a bit of tarmac,so cross tires would be pretty slow...
I have a rivendell branded panaracer made rolypoly (27c)
that is quite new that you could use, now that my new bike can fit 31s, i never wanna go back,
that'd take care of one tire, the other i may have an avocet 32... pretty supple
lemme know

the original big ring said...

Rodd, just sent an e-mail your way. Cheers,

Matt Surch said...

And Tall Tree stocks the Grand Bois tires. They've got the 28s in at the moment. The Challenge tires should be stocked later on this year, both there and at Phat Moose.