Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday: Woodsmoke and Beyond

There won't be any snow!
When: Sunday  9:00am
Where: War Museum at bike path

Ride via Cantley, Cascades Massif, Chamonix dirt madness, to Woodsmoke. Climb. Suffer. Descend. Smile. 

From there we will continue north and ultimately end up on Erables on the West side of the river. Loop to Parent and down to Wakefield. From this point the return will either be via River rd or back over through Cascades etc. This will be a solid ride of about 150k. All day pace. Pack enough food to last 3-4 hours before we reach Wakefield.  


the original big ring said...

I'm in.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Small possibility I will make it. if not have fun!

Andy said...

I shall be along for the ride... this is my first shot at woodsmoke.