Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday Recon

High of 14, giddyup. Went out for a solo ride yesterday with a plan to check out Voyageur and Lac Leamy sections of bike path, which we like to take over to the Cantley side of the river. There was a good bit of ice and snow after Jacques Cartier park, and lots along the river. I went down twice, the first at about 25k/hr. I slid into second smoothly; lucky. The surfaces are really hard-packed and bumpy, which makes for difficult riding. It'll go soon enough, but I recommend staying off with a group for now. 

After the bike path section all was well (aside from a valve separation), and the rest of the route to Wakefield and back along River rd and Cross loop etc, was nice. I put the legs up for about 10 minutes once home, followed by the full cold water treatment in the shower, and subsequently feel fresh today. We'll see how they fare on Sunday at the Icebreaker. I'll be on my 'cross bike so I think I'll run the ice bits! If nothing else, the race will be good training for Battenkill, which Floyd Landis and team will be attending. I've heard that most of the pro teams racing the invitational on Sunday will also race Saturday. This means I might end up 'racing' Landis. Ouch!

Icebreaker 'Bobsled Run' on the 29th


glacialridn said...

Floyd... I know someone who can beat him -

and the trek boys.
particularly, Chris Eatough.

Had a beer with Harlan a couple of times at La Ruta, various hundies...
Had a good chat with FLoyds parents and so did the gf at Shanadoah 100. Floyd took a good wipe out last year on a wet bridge at the Mochican 100. Great race!

Do a hundie!!!

I ain't racing this year though.
Gonna enjoy it all...
Lots of rides. Lots of beaches.
Lots of babes (I hope)!

Matt Surch said...

Yeah, suffice it to say that I am going to get pounded. I have one primary goal: stay with the pack over the first major climb at 10 miles in. After that, do whatever I can. Riding smart is all I really want to achieve. Lots to learn.