Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Details, Details

The QuinTuple Pave Classic moved a couple steps closer to the becoming a reality on Sunday, as Rodd and I gathered five others to form the crew for a recon ride. We locked down the route, composed the cue sheet, and generally got a good handle on the plan. Here are the vitals:

What: QuinTuple Pave Classic (Tall Tree Team Time Trial) - 5 riders per team, all riders must finish in order for time to count. Last rider's time is the team's time.

Why: Fun, however you define it. This is an opportunity to hammer or take on a no-drop ride (or something in between) with four wind buddies over hilly, sometimes rough, scenic terrain. Its also a chance to ride a route that might be altogether new to you at a pace determined by your small group, rather than big, lumbering one. Don't want to stop much? Only stop for water. Want to have breaks? Take em. There are no such event exists in these parts, so we're gettin'-r-done.

When: DATE CHANGE - Sunday September 6, 08:00.

Where: Departing from Lac Leamy, Gatineau

Distance: 145k

Elevation Gain: 1700m plus

Route: The first 11k will be neutralized. We will stop at the designated zero-your-odometer point, then proceed to turn #1, where the race will begin. The route afford stops at two stores before arriving to Wakefield. The 'end' will be at 'the sign' on the Gatineau Parkway.

Road conditions: Approximately 45k of the route is dirt road. The paved sections are generally good. There are a few monster potholes on the very first stretch, but after that the roads are great. The dirt sections are presently in excellent shape.

Teams: Similar objectives and abilities shared among team-mates is desirable. If you don't have enough buddies to form a team, but want to participate, get in touch and we'll form a list and go from there. One way or another everyone will ride who wants to.

Legal: Don't sue us. We don't have any money. Riders will be required to sign a waiver before receiving their cue sheets.

We will be posting the course map and cue sheets shortly. This will afford the opportunity to pre-ride. Comments on the cue sheets are welcome. A poster for the event is also forthcoming. We'd appreciate it if recipients would post some of these up in their local spots (get permission if necessary). Circulating it through your networks will also help a lot. We're aiming for at least 6 teams; more would be great.

There are tentative plans for a BBQ at Tall Tree after the event. We will request confirmation of attendance in advance so we can print the appropriate number of cue sheets and gauge BBQ needs. More to come here on these details, and others.

Below is a sampling of photos from Sunday. More can be seen here and here.


the original big ring said...

Yowzers! I'm in - date works.

Vegan Vagabond and I are looking for a team (not necessarily the same one - she may opt for a soley vegetable eating team, and I a bacon eating team).

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

We have just been made aware of the bike event you have planned for August (QuinTuple Pave Classic). It sounds very interesting and challenging. Many of our club members are likely to be interested, except for the fact that we have a TTT scheduled for the same date. Is there any chance you could move your event to another day? As we’ve had to get road permits, insurance etc. etc. to meet the OCA’s requirements, it isn’t easy for us to move ours around. We’d like to see you at our event and vice versa.

Note: The Crazy Train TTT technical guide can be viewed by visiting www.ridewithrendall.com


Ron Amos

Anonymous said...

gotta love that spot on River road where they have the no bike sign (as per your pic).
That road is just a hoot in the winter...

I may be in. I'm not in shape this year though... I'm just having a hoot riding...

I may have to stop for many breaks.

Anonymous said...

How about the weekend after Aug 30th?
Ain't much planned for Sept.

Matt Surch said...

Due to the scheduling conflict, we'll change the date to the 6th of September, the first Sunday.