Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tall Tree Team Time Trial (QuinTuple) Pave Classic

The time has come to ramp up the planning for the QuinTuple Pave Classic. I posted about this a short time ago, and have since received positive feedback about the idea. By ramping up I mean actually get down to the business of planning, beyond mere talk.
follow up posts here and here

Here is the lowdown:

The event is in effect a 5-person team time trial. All teams will start at the same time.

The route will be a mix of dirt and tarmac. It will be optimized for variety and elevation change. I hope to ride Rodd's tentative route with him on Sunday to generate the tip sheet, and thus exact distance.

The route will be longer than 150k, not exceeding 200. I promise. No surprise miles.

Riders will need to navigate the route on their own. There will be no signs at turns. We will utilize a very clear format for the cuesheets.

Teams will confirm their routes by taking team (digital) photos at designated points. There will be points given for teams with the best: Bluesteel, Too-cool-for-school, Shattered, Classic Hardman/woman, WhatthehellhaveIgottenmyselfinto, This-totally-sucks faces. Maybe more.

This event will be difficult. At the minimum distance of 150k, and a steady average speed of 25k/hr, you'll ride for 6 hours. If we wind up with a longer route, which is expected, more saddle time. If a team rides well, I suspect 30k/hr is quite doable. However, what really counts is total time, so avoiding mechanicals is crucial, as are quick stops.

There will be no sag wagon. Riders will need to arrange their own bail out if they encounter insurmountable issues.

This can be approached as a hammerfest or an opportunity to experience a great ride with friends. It will be what you make it. Teams will be permitted to ride together.

If you would like to participate, get a team together. If you are without potential team-mates, get in touch with me and I'll form a list of riders to be grouped. Try to team up with riders of similar ability so you can work well together. If we wind up with dangling riders we'll work it out.


Steve in Ottawa said...

Sounds great - I'd like to try to get a Euro-Sports/Foodery team together. Just pick the date and we'll try to work with it. Personally August is better than July for me.

Matt Surch said...

Great Steve! Setting the date is priority #1 at the moment, so the sooner we've had responses from the usual suspects come in, the sooner we'll have the date locked. Stay tuned.

For anyone who has a few minutes, check this out:

These guys are organizing similar events in the US, and providing great ideas we will draw from. Looking over their posts will give you a good sense of what we are going for.