Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: Quintuple Pave Classic September 6

The poster is about to be completed for the Quintuple. We are now calling it a team randonnee. This fits the spirit and format of the event better than the TTT label. Call it a team rando for short. It has a good ring.

Final details are being resolved. The map and cue sheets will be ready soon.

I have opened an email address for enquiries about the event: quintupleclassic@gmail.com. Please send questions to me there rather than call the shop. They guys are generally up to their ears with work.

If you need good rough road tires, Tall Tree has Grand Bois in 28 and 30 in stock. Get em while they last.

Click these links to read the earlier posts on the event - more details: One. Two.

We are asking teams to confirm attendance by end of day September 3. This will enable us to print the appropriate number of cue sheets and waivers, and gauge BBQ requirements. To confirm, email me at: quintupleclassic@gmail.com Thanks.

Riders without teams, or with teams needing additional riders, email me at the address above asap. I'll compile a list and we'll do our best to get riders onto teams composed of riders with similar abilities. If there is an odd number of riders, we'll add riders to the teams out for a mellower ride.

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Pascii said...

not sure if I can commit since it will be quite busy at work. However if it turns out that I'm free, perhaps I can volunteer the day of to make the whole thing go smoother somehow?

Lemme know.