Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas in January

My long awaited Christmas present from my Wife arrived, so very exciting.
Look where it came from:

What's inside?

The movie was free and a very nice surprise, however here is what is more exciting.

Its a Peggo Richie Columbus Niobium tube-set, also known as Columbus Spirit for lugs.
Fork blades are Columbus SL.

Lugs are the Richard Sachs designed, Long Shen made "Rene Singer" model. They are inspired by their namesakes classic french bicycle lug designs. The fork crown is a "Richie-issimo Series" with fancy tangs. BB shell is also Richard Sachs.

Columbus Steerer tube.

Now for a couple other frame bits for build this time from Paragon Machine works.

Now in case you were wondering, these frame bits and pieces are for the new Steelwool all-road frame I will be building myself over the winter. I will be posting blog entries along the way.



Matt Surch said...


I think I know where you are going with the Paragon brake bits...have to wait and see. This April's Almonte Roubaix will surely see Steelwools out in record numbers!

Pascii said...

that is H-O-T

jay2179 said...

can you send them back? those tubes ain't mitred! ;)

Andy said...

In the immortal words of Queens of the Stone Age: "Sick Sick Sick!"

Pascii said...

HEY! Would that Richard Sachs video be worthy of the Monday nite cyclo-film-fest?